The Way of The Livingness before and after: Sharon Gavioli.

I am a beautiful, sexy, vital and healthy woman who feels deeply connected to the love in her heart. Each day I choose to self-care and self-nurture in a way that enables me to offer true care and love to everyone in my life.

But I didn’t always feel and live like this.

By the age of 48, I was suffering from adrenal exhaustion and a thyroid issue that required my taking a handful of medications and supplements to get through my day. Personally, I was in a pattern of over-mothering my 7 children (aged between 7 and 25 at the time) as well as being in a relationship that was unsupportive and emotionally abusive.

At this time as well as caring for my family, I was working part time as an adult educator and Registered Nurse. I was completely invested in being there for others with little or no regard for caring for myself in the face of my different viruses and infections.

In my search for something that would support my health I discovered Universal Medicine and chose to have Esoteric Chakra-puncture. I saw my health improve dramatically which resulted in me ceasing all my medications within 6 months of starting with the modality.

During this period I implemented simple things like:

  • Going to bed when I was tired
  • Cutting out foods such as gluten and dairy that I always knew did not agree with me
  • Taking more time just for me like having a bath on a Sunday

My weight also reduced slightly during this time but did not change significantly until I committed to addressing the hurts in my relationship and how I had treated myself for so many years.

This was just over 2 years ago which confirmed to me that losing weight is not just about what you eat – as I would have been considered to have a very healthy diet, or about dieting (because I never did) – but more about the emotions we hold in our bodies that are unresolved.

I continued to have Esoteric Healings and through this I developed a deeper love and care for myself that further supported:

  • Refining what foods supported me
  • Expressing how I was truly feeling about what was happening in my life
  • Adjusting the way I went about all the things I needed to complete in a day

Essentially, I went from being very stressed and pressurised to feeling more able to calmly respond with what needed to be done including when things got a bit messy, which can happen in a large family!

At age 52 my life has completely transformed and my body now simply reflects this.

52 and fabulous
SHARON GAVIOLI, Married for 32 years, mother of 7. Registered nurse, adult educator, counsellor; currently working as team leader in information for a cancer organisation and as a birth and parenting educator (own business).

My capacity to be self-loving and loving in my relationships, as well as my health and vitality, has developed to a level that I could never have imagined before, which is by far the greatest achievement in preference to how I look physically.

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  • By Sharon Gavioli, Registered Nurse, Adult Educator, Counsellor, Practitioner of Universal Medicine Therapies, EPA Recognised