Healing and The Livingness

A huge part of living as who we really are in the world – i.e. not dictated to by the world as to how we should be, but living as our true selves – is about healing all the outer impositions we have taken on that are not us.

We have been taught, right from the time we were so, so small, that we need to speak, act and behave in a way that is acceptable to others.

What a tight collar this puts on us! We then shape our lives to fit with this – we become chameleons – exactly the right fit for what is expected of us in any situation, delivering what the other person wants to see or hear, rather than just being ourselves.

When we start to make the choice to be more true – to ourselves – then we start to see that there is a lot in our lives that is not true, i.e. that which we have allowed because we wanted to impress others or get their approval or be successful, etc., etc. At this point, we need to be open to, and welcome, healing.

Healing can support us to get rid of what is not true – all those ‘things’ we have taken on in life because we thought we had to, to cope, or get through life, or succeed, but that were never really true for us. All of that, and the consequences of how we feel in our body as a result, can be healed.

To truly heal, we need to turn to a modality and practitioner that will not impose anything further on you, but will allow you to connect more and more deeply with your true ‘self’, and from this connection you in fact heal yourself and push out what is not actually the true you. Sacred Esoteric Healing allows you to do exactly that. In doing so, healing what is not actually part of the true you (all the hurts, the reactions and the pains and problems that arise in the body as a result) is easy – connection with yourself can then be deepened.

True healing is to discard the outer and or influencing impositions, thus enabling the true and innate essence within to be lived in full.

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  • Photography: Clayton Lloyd