Lying often seems easier than standing up for truth

We all know that the face that is shown to the world is often another face than what is shown to the insiders – the people that are part of the company, the political party, the football club, the family. For example, in a family there is an outside face or appearance, where they hold it all together, put on a smile and make sure nobody suspects anything, whilst what is going on behind the walls is often something else.

As an example, in the case of physical abuse it is surprising how much everybody colludes in keeping it a secret – the perpetrator as much as the victim(s) and bystander(s) – they back each other and it often takes a lot to break these unspoken contracts and encourage people to talk, the motive often described as fear, however there seems to be something stronger that glues them together.

But even if we do not go as far as physical abuse, the kind of talk and language and treatment of each other within families opposed to strangers or non-family members shows two faces. There are two languages spoken, two voices, two different tones. And if we observe even deeper, there is a different tone in our voice for different people.

Another example is the corruption going on in industries, companies and politics. You are expected to stand for and represent the image that such an entity wishes to portray and it is considered as disloyal if you become the whistleblower.

This shows that we create images, ideas and then hold onto them, stick to them, even fight for them, whilst they remain just an outer shell that is upheld only by the loyalty of a group of people, but it is not lived. The shell is empty, there is no substance, no truth in it, no filling – it’s like a turkey without stuffing.

It is interesting to observe how much we invest in keeping up such appearances to save face and the amount of dishonesty that can seem so normal in this context. People are willing to go out of their way to keep appearances up and for some that includes even death, like the Mafia as a famous example where so-called disloyalty is punished with torture and death, or another famous example of the Japanese employee who takes his own life because he ‘lost face’. But there are of course many variations in between that are not as grotesque or obvious.

Looking at the world from this angle it is not surprising that energetic integrity is an immensely challenging concept for all. And that it is almost inconceivable that a family or a company or even a community could drop all pretences and live an open life that does not hide anything behind its walls. Simply because we do not seem to have the experience that such a thing exists, and whilst we might have a knowing of Heaven or a place that is untouched by that, at least we cannot conceive of this being lived on this planet. Not because it has never been lived, but because for most it is not part of their everyday life.

So if we come across such a profound livingness we might at first be sceptical and suspicious and question it, as it obviously smells very different to what we know.

In Germany we have a saying that “what the farmer doesn’t know, he doesn’t eat”. This of course has two sides. One is that this is a very safe practice as there are obviously many foods that are poisonous for our bodies, so why take the risk. On the other hand, how will we ever expand our horizon if we do not take a little risk every now and then and give it a taste?

Of course it has to be mentioned in this context that we neglect an important factor we are all born with and all use, but are not necessarily aware of its profoundness, and that is the fact that we have more sense than just the obvious five senses that we commonly accept as our means of perception.

We have a sense for energetic integrity. It is innate and we are all born with it, however we may have shunned it, tried to deny it or simply buried our heads in the sand to forget about it. But whatever we do, there is no ‘delete’ button for it. It is irrevocably part of our makeup. We all know when something is corrupt or does not feel right, and we have the saying: ‘something smells fishy’.

Unfortunately, it is just the case that the world is so corrupt, so out of order, so upside down that it is easy to give up on this sense. So is it possible that we have given up on truth? So much so, that if it comes along and stares into our eyes, we simply use one of the many lies that surround us to throw back into its face, negating its existence?

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  • By Judith Andras, Medical Store Consultant and Naturopath

    Works as a sales advisor and practitioner for a German medical supply chain and is dedicated to bringing joy and probity back into everybody’s life.

  • Photography: Matt Paul