A meditation to breathe your own breath

A meditation to breathe your own breath

A meditation to breathe your own breath

To breathe our own breath we must first choose to be gentle and thus choose the quality of breath that will breathe us. Then and only then can we actually begin to connect to the inner-heart where there is no gentleness, but the love, harmony, and joy that emanate from the living stillness – the femaleness of God.

If there is no gentleness in the inner-heart why do we need to focus on gentleness? Well this is because the monumental shift from living in a way that is harsh, rough, hard, disconnected, rushed, withdrawn or even the trap of do no harm softness, is too big a leap for mankind. Think of gentleness as the bridge that helps you connect back to who you are and the inner-heart and its qualities within.

How Is Gentleness Developed?

Serge Benhayon has been teaching the 'Gentle Breath Meditation®’ or practice since late 1999 and continues to do so with now widespread success and very wide growing appeal.

It is imperative that we re-claim who we are, by allowing ourselves to know WHO WE ARE, by simply connecting to our inner-heart via the Gentle Breath Meditation® and from there re-build the inner-true-life so that the outer life can have the true qualities that naturally come from our Divine fiery inner-most.

The true path of return begins with the Gentle Breath Meditation®, which lasts about 5 to 10 minutes, two or three times a day. It is a very, very simple technique that one can choose to do, that is, choose to breathe gently, truly gently and not soft or slow, at the tip of their nose.

From there, one builds a connection with their centre and then goes about their normal day to day duties through life in expression from the centre until such time that the centre expands and then becomes the only quality that governs all expression.

The bridging quality between the heart and the inner-heart first commences with the practice of the Gentle Breath Meditation®. In its true practice, we are able to easily re-connect to the centre that holds the first step towards our inner-most – where the esoteric impulse and light reside.

The gentle breath re-introduces the fact of self-love via the gentleness itself. It is from there that one begins to know self-love again, and from there one can re-build the fiery love they are truly from.

It is indeed as simple as that.

And in-truth it does not get more complicated, for everything of God is in fact simple, and there is absolutely no complexity once the essence is connected to.

The path back to soul is one of love. The Gentle Breath Meditation® begins that path by connecting one to the inner-heart and thus begins the true journey of self-re-discovery. With the inner-heart leading the way, that is, by impulsing and not guiding or dictating, we are able to make true choices, which are based on our truth and NOT 'the truth' according to how it has been given to us.

Only the gentle breath can detach the world of constant motion and thus bridge one into the living world of the stillness and eventually – into the world of the LIVING STILLNESS.

Knowing how to breathe your own breath is to know the first steps to self-salvation.

The Gentle Breath Meditation®, by virtue of its impressed technique, allows you to breathe your own breath.

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Meditation is a tool for connection

Using meditation for anything other than connecting to yourself is harmful.

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