Meditation, mindfulness, conscious presence – are these really the answers to a better life?

Meditation, Mindfulness, Conscious Presence – Are these really the answers to a better life?

Meditation, mindfulness, conscious presence – are these really the answers to a better life?

So much is spoken of about the power of meditation, being in the now, and mindfulness or being mindful. These things are offered as solutions when we seek to better our life, for self-improvement, improved wellness and to gain more vitality.

But consider this; while they may do or offer all those things for a fleeting moment; how do you feel and how is your life when you stop meditating, being in the now or concentrating the mind?

Do you feel a relief for a while whilst practicing your chosen technique only to find that the sense of calm and focus doesn’t last, that all too soon you are caught up in the whirlwind of life feeling a bit out of control and stressed again?

Could it be that these techniques are no more than management tools that give you a lift, make you feel calm or help you to better manage your day; no different say to a cup of coffee, a slice of cake or having a glass of wine?

Perhaps they are not all they are cracked up to be and they will no more fix you or take away your ills than will a sugar pill, nor give you the perfect life that they claim or we want/need them to deliver?

  • Managing our stress so we feel better actually does nothing to change the quality of energy that we live in, as all we are doing is keeping it together, holding on to control, trying to make sense of the disarray etc.
  • Using mindfulness or being in the now won’t actually take us to a place where we don’t have stress anymore and thus no longer require these tools to manage our life.
  • What they offer is a way to control our stress, which will certainly feel better in comparison to being stressed. However, they offer nothing to support us to live in a way where we are less affected by life and thus don’t become stressed.

This is where the Gentle Breath Meditation® and conscious presence can offer a different way, as both are stepping-stones towards developing a connection back to a quality of life. This quality can develop daily in the way you live, and be brought into every part of your life.

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Mindfulness versus conscious presence

An explanation as to how mindfulness is a short term fix and why conscious presence is a stepping stone to developing a true quality of livingness.

The Gentle Breath Meditation® and Conscious Presence become ‘tools’ that support holding a consistency in your quality and not ‘escapes’ from a life that is not working.

Even though our life is full of pressures and intensity that often cause us to react, feel stressed and be affected, practicing the Gentle Breath Meditation® and developing conscious presence offer us a way to come back to a true quality that we have felt and noted within.

The point is, if we continue to live recklessly or without care for the body and its quality and are unwilling to make adjustments in our life then any advice or support we may seek in our life is only a temporary relief to an otherwise unhealthy situation we will then return to.

The Gentle Breath Meditation® and conscious presence are not designed to fix the way we live if what we choose to live and what we are living is not in line with the body and what it requires to be harmonious.

Increased harmony stems from choosing to make the quality of the gentle breath and your presence part of how you do what you do in life. And through connection to that quality things begin to change. You change the quality of how you are in life and how you are with your body and it is this lived quality that brings true healing and real vitality.

This way of living is known as The Livingness.

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