Benefits of the Gentle Breath Meditation®

Benefits of the Gentle Breath Meditation®

Benefits of the Gentle Breath Meditation®

After 20 years of meditations that were meant to calm my mind or lead to enlightenment, I was left disillusioned and depressed. My mind was not calm and I was not enlightened, in fact I was worse than when I had started on my path of meditation.
I had meditated and meditated for hours, days, weeks, months and years using the ‘best’ techniques of the Buddhist traditions and still my mind was unmanageable. Then I learnt the Gentle Breath Meditation® and everything changed. I have found peace of mind and it only takes 10-15 minutes a day – not a six-month retreat. What is more, I felt the benefits of the meditation immediately – there was no waiting a lifetime for some future state of enlightenment, simply finding gentleness in the breath and then in my body was enough.
Alison Greig, Australia, Age 50

I find the Gentle Breath Meditation® a great tool to use when I am feeling pressured by having too much to do. It helps me get more in touch with myself and as that happens I become calmer, less distracted by thoughts, and things fall into an easy rhythm. There seems to be more space and the time pressures recede. The more I do it, the easier it is to re-connect with myself and then everything lightens up and I can see the sunny, funny side of life again.
I used to have bouts of panicky breathing. Even though I was taking shallow breaths it felt like there was no oxygen in them and the panic would escalate. Then I learnt the Gentle Breath Meditation® and I found that if I remembered to do it, the panic would subside and my attacks became less until they disappeared completely.
Sandra Wilson, Esoteric Practitioner, QLD, Australia, Age 68

The Gentle Breath Meditation® has been a way for me personally to feel connected, centered and calm, even in the most difficult situations. Within my clinic, gentle breath has been the foundation from which many patients have overcome lifelong drug and alcohol addictions, anxiety, stress and depression.
Mariannna Masiorski, Psychologist, Sunshine Coast, Age 40

The Gentle Breath Meditation® always helps me to detach from the business that is around me and sometimes in my head. Doing this simple exercise helps me to surrender with my body and myself.
It really works for me and since I am using it during my days it makes my life so much more enjoyable. I can instantly feel more harmony and clarity, and these dramatic changes are happening in less than 5 minutes (and it costs $0). It feels liberating knowing that I have always the choice to feel this joyful way with myself.
Monika Korb

I was introduced to the Gentle Breath Meditation® at a time in my life of great change and feel it was the foundation that gave me the confidence to live through that period with very little stress or disharmony. In the past, in similar challenges, I would have struggled and been very distressed. Since that time it has now become part of my daily routine.
Jonathan Stewart, Groundsman and Masseur, Somerset, UK, Age 61

The gentle breath meditation® takes the edge off and helps to clear tension I might be holding in the body or mind. It is certainly one of the healthiest ways to bring myself down after a full day, to ease myself into sleep, to feel refreshed in the morning and to truly connect with myself during the day.
To live life breathing gently is a most exquisite and profound way of life.
Judith Andras, Beauty Therapist, Naturopath, Shop Co-ordinator, Age 43

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