Carola Woods – ‘Illumine’ album review

Carola Woods – ‘Illumine’ album review

Carola Woods – ‘Illumine’ album review

By the end of the first line of her new album Illumine, it is clear that Carola Woods is holding nothing back.

She is intent on getting to the heart of true religion and ‘once more into the Kingdom of Soul’. The title track pulls no punches. ‘You are a Son of God’ it states. There is an offering here, presented with love and never imposing, but with the power of a woman who knows who she is and has the words and voice to deliver it in full. And what a voice it is.

Carola Woods is a true ‘soul’ singer with an incredible depth, range, precision and commitment.

Carola is supported throughout by the remarkable and ‘glorious’ musical gifts of Michael Benhayon. The blend of the two is Divine. Michael’s delicacy and finesse provide the perfect foil for her stunning vocals.

There is a delightful Latin feel to ‘Remain True’ inviting us to gently move whilst seeing that: ‘There is a way that we can live again together in harmony’. Not a plea to make it so but a knowing of one who already lives this way. These are not ‘songs of praise’ but an appreciation of the depths of love within us all. ‘Remain true to love, this is who we are’.

Universal in style, Illumine features a variety of genres including a ‘slow dance with your Soul’ in ‘You are it all’, a delightful upbeat cover of Michael’s own ‘I am Love’ and a ‘visit’ to the disco dance floor with ‘Let Love’, a song reminiscent of Sister Sledge and Diana Ross, that calls us to be ‘unified by love’. Get boogieing.

‘Beautiful and Wise’ introduces a sense of gravitas in recognition of the responsibility we all have to be love, to live love and to reconnect with our Soul, leaving behind ‘the path of love for all to find.’ Not for the faint-hearted, but given in the awareness that through Grace we return ‘again and again’ until we ‘all live realised’.

In ‘Love Supreme’ we are reminded again that what we seek resides within. It reflects on time spent ‘reaching outside’ and ‘compromising’ ourselves, that has never truly worked. But with reconnection to ‘the Love I am’ inside, the ‘foundations won’t fall, they’ll never fall again’.

Carola Woods’ music has just one purpose. To share her awareness of the Soul with and for everyone.

It seems fitting then that this new album concludes with ‘Only One Way’ asking ‘Will you walk with me?’ Carola has opened her heart in full and now she poses an obvious question – will you find this ‘way’ for yourself? There is no demand, nor proselytising. It is a choice. Will you walk with me?

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