World Voice Day – our voice reveals everything about us

World Voice Day – our voice reveals everything about us

World Voice Day – our voice reveals everything about us

Do you know that your voice reveals your state of being?

Your voice carries a detailed read-out that can be easily discerned if you read between the lines and feel the true essence of the message being spoken, sung ... or even whispered! Our voice is either reflecting our authentic selves – our essence – or mirroring our defences and hurts. Most people are not aware of the powerful effect that we have upon each other with our voice – all of the time.

The tone of the speaking or singing voice can be used to dominate, as illustrated in history with commanding vocals inciting subjugation or heightening the emotions of the masses. Our voice can be used to protect ourselves, as a guard or armour, to push people away, or as a tool for a manipulated outcome that we are looking to achieve.

Strategies we use with our voice

Speaking loudly, aggressively, syrupy-smooth, reeling people in, keeping people out; the way we use our voice can be the ultimate form of manipulation used to control situations. Did you know that speaking quietly can also be a form of control?

When used as an instrument of connection the voice can be a vehicle of healing. However, when the voice is laden with stress and anxiety it is anything but that. Studies show that the effect of a stressed teacher’s voice deeply affects the student’s ability to focus and learn, has a profound effect upon doctor and patient relationships and medical outcomes,[1] and a marked effect upon office dynamics and workplace wellbeing ... and the list goes on.

We can incorporate this awareness into our daily lives by reconnecting with the largely unexplored or more revealing aspect of how our mood, emotions and state of being affect our vocal tone. Nurture ourselves, develop our wellbeing, and this will automatically and naturally reflect in our expression. Quick symptom fixes and proclaimed affirmations are not going to address what is being referred to here.

What is essential to realise is that the voice, as a part of us – literally the mouthpiece for our body, mind and heart – does not work in isolation. It broadcasts all that we are – all that we neglect in ourselves, and all that we nurture. Connecting to the deeper part of ourselves, beyond the layers of hurt and defence which often taint our communication with others, is key to healing and bringing our voice back to its full, true power and expression.

  • What do you broadcast when you use your voice, speaking or singing?
  • Is it nurturing or neglecting, healing or rejecting?

We can do untold damage with the voice . . . or we can unite, harmonise and heal.


  • [1]

    Ambady, N., Laplante, D., Nguyen, T., Rosenthal. R., Chaumeton, N., Levinson, W. (2002). US National Library of Medicine/National Institutes of Health. 'Surgeons' tone of voice: a clue to malpractice history.'

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