Deborah Savran – 'Let My Heart Lead The Way' album review

Deborah Savran – 'Let My Heart Lead The Way' album review

Deborah Savran – 'Let My Heart Lead The Way' album review

With a voice that delivers power, sass and delicate beauty all in one, Minneapolis USA based singer Deborah Savran brings her own exquisite style to the compositions of Australian musician Michael Benhayon with her debut album 'Let My Heart Lead The Way'.

No need to get to know this music – it is loved immediately!

The clarity and warmth of Deborah’s voice delivers the already powerful lyrics with an ease and depth that has you feeling and moving with the essence of every word.

Bringing heaven to earth are the words that spring to mind, and Deborah fires it up in a complete package of superb musical talent with abundance of heart. The innate beauty and preciousness of the woman is delivered with such power and joy in ‘The Woman I Am’ that you can’t help but celebrate that amazing woman you are … and to ‘just open your heart and let it shine out’ with ‘Angel’ . . . well, it naturally happens!

With a style likened to the best classic female folk rock artists, Deborah Savran surpasses any genre to bring a quality and clarity that showcases a new way of producing music. Songs that majestically theme the truth of ‘love, evolution and humanity’ could not be delivered with such distinction unless the singer was living that depth within herself. Here is a woman bringing it all … and claiming it!

As Deborah says . . . “There is an energetic responsibility with being a musician. Rather than being invested in how the music will be received – which squeezes out all true joy and imposes the artist’s need on the listener – the focus is on coming home, on a quality of presence that is deeply connected to self and with humanity.”

Deborah Savran’s debut album 'Let My Heart Lead The Way' is a shining light in popular music today and certainly does lead the way.

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  • By Jenny James, Singer/Songwriter