Beautiful Numbers

When we learnt arithmetic and mathematics growing up, we were taught that numbers simply measure quantity. Yet the science of numbers is a universal language that transcends time, culture, religion, nationality, borders and boundaries – it is at the very core of all life, accurately defining life’s intricate beauty, beyond words.

We know this beauty, we see it when we look at a rose, a nautilus shell, a spiral galaxy, and indeed throughout the entire natural world. We are looking at mathematics and this is the beauty that we feel and know, for our senses are attuned to its truths.

Everything that pulses through the Universe pulses through us. So how is it that mathematics, the divinely beautiful and relatable experience that it is, has been pulled away from us? Stripped of its livingness and boxed into either the extremely abstract or belittled as mere arithmetic. The science of numbers is actually a great gift, holding the language of our divine origins within, that when felt reflects to us a playful and loving Universe.

The journey of many mathematicians into the study of numbers often leads to an existential experience, where the magic of the universe is seen through the magic of numbers. This is not a mystical journey, but actually one that lies at the core of all true science – for numbers represent vibration and vibration is the stuff of life.

Whilst numbers do measure quantity they also each contain a quality, each representing a unique vibration. Everything we come in contact with has a vibration, which can be described by numbers, all communicating a vast network of vibration.

The quality of numbers is what the mathematicians of our ancient past knew and lived. All numbers can be reduced to a single digit, from 1 to 9, and each of these holds a quality that has meaning and can be explored through our lives. Numbers in fact are lived by us every single day; they can be our teachers if we are open to their lessons. Lesson one: the number of unity and wholeness, of beginning and simplicity. One is all encompassing and reminds us that everything is one, and nothing is truly new, for we are simply returning to our beginnings.

Here you will find articles that offer a sense of the beauty of numbers, and the world they describe – our world, and everything in it.