Modern Science: Life in an ‘evidence-based’ world

True science looks at things in their wholeness. One cannot understand the entire universe when viewed through a pinhole, yet this is our current approach with our ‘scientific’ methodologies of examination, which reduce the whole to measurable parts.

We have come to place an enormous amount of trust in science, and evidence-based science has become our new religion, which we believe in implicitly. This has, in the main, been incredibly successful for us, producing the technologies, feats of engineering, and biomedical advancements that have made our lives more comfortable and safer than ever before. We base our decisions and actions on the available evidence, but this evidence is increasingly shown to be flawed, largely not reproducible, biased by vested interests, and at times downright corrupt.

These articles explore the nature of the evidence we are basing our science on, its methodologies and limitations, and offer us another way forward, one that incorporates the truth of the whole. The purpose is not to tear modern science down, for we all have a great need for science. What we do need however, is a science that is honest, willing to look at its own flaws, limitations and biases, and address them with great commitment and dedication to truth – and this for the sake of all of us.