Our Celestial Home

For ancient peoples, the stars were a constant reminder that we are an inextricable part of the whole Universe and its movement. The night sky was as much their home as the hills and valleys they walked each day and the oceans and seas they navigated.

Living in accordance with this great interconnected whole and its cycles, we were able to receive a constant stream of divine intelligence. If proof of this fact is required, we need look no further than the ancient structures such as The Great Pyramid, Stonehenge and Göbekli Tepe, whose construction required a one-unified people, living in and with the cosmos, and hence whose geometric measure was aligned with the stars as well.

“The nature of the Universe is unity. And we exist in it, not outside of it.”

Serge Benhayon An Open Letter to Humanity, p 347

In our modern obsession with ourselves as individuals, and doing it ‘my way’ in separation from the ancient wisdom we once lived by, we have not only disconnected from each other, but also from our planet Earth and most importantly from the night sky and therefore from the entire universe. This has resulted in science becoming disconnected from the philosophy and religion with which it once formed a complete whole. These writings may inspire the reader to redevelop their own relationship with the stars… and space… to take the time to stop and look up from the busyness of life into the depths of the Universe that forms our celestial home.