The development of Darwin’s theory of evolution marked a great turning point for humanity. The grip of religion upon our psyches, and its story of our origin from a single man and his rib, was at last blown away by the cold wind of advanced reason and rationality.

At last we were liberated from the shackles of a very narrowly construed relationship with God and a dogmatic set of beliefs about our origins. But have we simply adopted another set of dogmatic beliefs, this time founded in what we might call a scientific approach?

As educated people it seems we must believe in Darwinian evolution. It is taught as an absolute and unquestionable truth in our education, and the result of this is that we understand evolution as the straight line along which life on this planet has developed from single-celled organisms to the pinnacle of sophistication in modern man.

Evolutionary theory has become an entrenched belief, but have we stopped to consider the nature of evolution more deeply? It is almost impossible to challenge these theories without being deemed counter-scientific, regressive or crazy. Yet science is founded on constant testing and questioning of our understanding. So why are we so opposed to questioning this particular theory and testing its truth? These articles explore Darwin’s hypothesis, the mythology and assumptions we have made around it, hence challenging it in a way few people have dared to do.

We will challenge the idea that evolution is merely a linear progression as we have been led to believe; the result of a series of random events and genetic accidents that have taken us to a point of supremacy on this planet. In doing so, we will also explore evolution as a conscious event – an alignment of will, a form of movement and, most crucially a responsibility that we as a race have been avoiding to date.

These writings and audios ask us to turn the currently accepted notion of evolution on its head and to consider that far from advancing us, evolution is in fact a process of returning to a way of being we left behind long, long ago, and that it is the process of return to our Divinity.

“We are Divine, we are by choice not living it and, our evolution is to re-discover that, that very fact, and then set forth to re-imprint our whole way of being by expressing what and who we truly are.”

Serge Benhayon Time, Space and all of us, Book 1 – Time, p 212