Everything is Energy

What does “everything is energy” mean? It means that literally everything in the universe – including us – ultimately is energy.

Even what is not considered to be energy comes from energy or is caused by energy. We now know that space is not empty, but is full of energy. Only a tiny proportion of space comes in the form of what we call matter, the ‘stuff’ we and the planets and stars seem to be made of. However when we look at matter more deeply, even the seeming solidness of matter and the subatomic particles it is made of disappear into configurations of energy. They are merely compressed patches of energy within a vast ocean of energy.

What relevance does “everything is energy” have in our lives? We are all painfully aware of our ‘solidness’ when we knock our shin on the furniture! But when we learn to only relate to life through the seemingly solid things we see and feel, we lose connection with the energy that is behind it all and making it all happen. Is it possible that as we shift emphasis and see the painful knock on our shin as an energy-meets-energy process, we will realise how all-encompassing energy actually is in our lives?

The great scientist Albert Einstein got us started by making the relationship of matter and energy more commonly available outside the Ancient Teachings. He gave us the opportunity to know that ‘everything is energy’ – we could have chosen to live accordingly. But neither he nor anyone else before Serge Benhayon, philosopher and living scientist, added the deepening truth of “If everything is energy, therefore everything is BECAUSE of energy.”

“It is the latter, the ‘BECAUSE’ that needs to be the first point of all of our attention, for it is here that we will find the answers to all of our woes.”

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, p 220

“The truth of everything is found in energy. This is the one truth that is resisted the most.”

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, p 396

This series of articles invites us to explore the truth that “if everything is energy then everything is because of energy” and what this means in our everyday lives. What would it be like to live as energetic and physical beings equally, in a world that is all because of energy? We know energy and its quality because we are energy. We are choosing energy all the time. Therefore we are choosing the ‘because’ – everything that happens does so because of the energy we have chosen.

Understanding the truth of this and the responsibility that flows from it would forever transform the world, and our relationship with energy, life and each other.