The Truth About Science

True science is glorious. It helps us to observe and understand our world and our place in it, to increase our awareness of ourselves and all other beings, and calls us to greater responsibility for the way we live our lives.

But this cyclical process must start with absolute honesty, of who we are, what motivates us and whether we are driven by what we want from people and life, or whether we are inspired by our connection with and love for people and life.

With the rise and rise of ‘evidence-based science’, science as we know it today has become corrupted by personal vested interests, by greed, and by the lust for power. It has been reduced to a base of (so-called) evidence that can be used to control us and achieve pre-determined outcomes. Those who determine what research is to be permitted, through financial, religious or political influences, will control the pool of evidence that is to be the reference point. This so-called new era of evidence-based science is becoming reminiscent of the dark ages in our history where scientists were put under house arrest, publicly humiliated, tortured and even put to death for daring to bring truth in science.

Restoring truth to science is essential to our evolution as a species. These articles present ‘the what is’ and ‘the what is not’ in our modern day scientific endeavours.

We know what is true and what is not, and that truth is found in the particles of our own bodies, which can feel much more than the eye can see. May you be inspired by these articles to restore your sense of truth in and your love for true science: it may be a process as simple as learning to honour these particles again – these divine elements of God that have been here since before time began.