Living Science – A fresh approach to life

We think we have a pretty good idea about what science is. With that idea comes the strong sense that it belongs in the rarefied world of a laboratory and that it is somewhat removed from life – even though it claims to study life and know a lot about it.

We are living in a time when we have what can only be described as mass scientific information overload. Much of this information has been derived from artificial situations like laboratories and computer-based models that reduce the grand complexity of life down to simple things that we are able to measure. To be sure, we learn a lot from this sort of science, but it is becoming increasingly abstract – and less connected to the full and glorious complexity that life is.

We know so much, but what does it mean and how are we to apply it to real human life?

Laboratory based science will always have an important role to play. It has the potential to enrich us with information that can make a great difference to how we approach our problems. But when we rely upon it in isolation we risk falling far short of truth.

This is why living science is so important. It is the key to taking raw information and knowledge, deepening it through the process of observation and understanding into the wisdom that knows how to apply it to life. It is through our body and through life that we come to know truth.

As such we are all, every one of us, living scientists. These articles inspire us to discover that truth for ourselves, through our greatest piece of equipment – our bodies, and through the greatest laboratory of all – life.