Our Love for Science

Love and science are words that are rarely used together these days, but they were once inextricably interwoven; for science, religion and philosophy were one, and deeply felt in our bodies.

Science is something that is naturally part of everyone’s day to day lives. Most of us can relate to the magic of life as we observe and relate with the world in and around us. From the symmetry of a tiny leaf, to the arching spectrum of a rainbow, from the way our bodies speak to us to the intricacies of the stellar universe we are part of, the science of life is something we love and innately are drawn to explore. This is our love of science, our love of how it all works and how it is all interconnected and related. Indeed, there is a universe within every cell, and the universe itself resembles the inner workings of a cell or even an atom. The universe is a body that we are part of. Love is the quality that holds and unifies the multitude of expressions of vibration, all interconnected, all in communication, unified as one universe. And thus, Love and God and The Universe are synonymous with each other.

Our Love of Science is what brings knowledge to life, giving meaning to data, showing purpose to design and connecting the world around us to our human way of being. Innately within us all is this love of science.