The Lineage of Science

Is science purely a modern phenomenon? Are we at the pinnacle of our knowledge now, or has there been a lineage of scientists with advanced scientific understandings in the past?

For a very long time, religion and faith in God occupied a crucial and central place in human life. Religion gave people a sense of certainty in an uncertain existence. Everything changed during the 1700’s, when modern science entered its ascendancy. Then, with the advent of secular education, the significance of religion in most people’s lives became less prominent, becoming an activity participated in once a week or relegated to little more than an historical ritual or superstitious activity. It is to science we now turn for our answers and our sense of certainty in an increasingly uncertain world. It has become a matter of faith that science is the key to our true progress.

Our technological developments have encouraged us to believe that science is a purely modern phenomenon and that because of it we are far superior to our ancestors. We see their writings that interwove science, philosophy, religion, and God into an inextricable whole, as primitive mysticism that we have progressed far beyond.

These articles shake up that misconception. They reveal the lineage of science, and show that true and advanced science has existed from the start of human civilisation. This science was completely at one with religion, philosophy, the planet and cosmos, and the great cycles of life. We lost profound understanding, simplicity and wisdom when we disconnected from God, and extracted religion, philosophy and our Living Way from science.

We have much to re-gain by open and humble study of the great men and women of the past. Are we willing to liberate ourselves of the blind prejudice we have been educated to hold; to consider anew that for all of our progress, our science has not to date made an appreciable shift in the quality of human life and our true evolution as a species? We may come to see that modern science, far from being the pinnacle we currently believe it to be, is but a small blip on the radar of our very long history of science, which lives in relationship with philosophy, religion and the whole Universe of which we are part.