We usually consider that God and Science are two separate things and that you either believe in one or the other, but are they mutually exclusive, or in fact one and the same?

People these days think you can either believe in Science or you can believe in God. It’s thought that the two are mutually exclusive, with Science being supposedly based on ‘facts’ and ‘God’ being a matter of belief.

But to me God is a Science, the fact there is God is known through the process of Science, and Science itself is part of God.

Sound confusing?

Let me explain.

I am a very practical temporal person. I have always loved science – in particular physics. I love the laws of science, of knowing and understanding how things work. For me science was taught as facts and formulas that I needed to remember and recall. I had to blindly trust that this particular formula was true as I had no way of working it out for myself, other than testing it on regular experiments. There is much of science that we have to ‘take for granted,’ such as the Big Bang Theory for example, or the speed of gravity or the speed of light. We have no way, most of us, of personally testing these things, but we accept and trust that they are true. We ‘believe’ them.

Yet many people who call themselves scientists who ‘believe’ certain theories, are quite happy to call those who ‘believe’ in God, strange, unflattering and at times abusive names, and assert that they are irrational, ‘unscientific’ or prone to ‘magical thinking’. If we consider things on a level of beliefs, ‘believing’ in God is in fact no more ‘magical’ than ‘believing’ that man came from the apes. We do not have a lot of evidence of half man/half ape species across the world that would support that hypothesis, yet it is something that we blindly take for granted as a taught fact.

For me when I examine the world around me, I cannot BUT come to the very scientific conclusion that there is God. That there is a higher power that is in everything, that moves and orders everything. It is not a belief; it is in fact a scientific fact and nothing to be decried.

Let’s consider.

Everything in the universe is made up of the same elements. These elements are the essential atomic building blocks of all life. They are assembled in the periodic table of the elements. There are thought to be 115 of these, the exact number not yet decided and agreed upon, but the point is, there are only a certain number of building blocks, yet there is an incredibly diverse amount of life on earth. All of life on earth exists in absolute precision, with no randomness, and all of it is formed from the same building blocks.

If we look around us we can see a great definition of life. There is nothing random about the formation of a chicken, or a snail, a lemur, a snake or a bee, a scorpion or a human being, or a rock, a river or an oak tree which arises from a tiny acorn. It is all very deliberate, precise, repeatable, and quantifiable. All of this diversity, from the same building blocks.

Dog sperm and dog egg, makes a very precise puppy, which becomes a dog – and not a cat. John Dory fish sperm and egg makes very precise (and delicious) baby John Dories – and not baby sharks. To take it further, you never get an eagle from the union of dolphin sperm and egg! There are clearly precise laws by which all of nature exists by and is formed by. The species remain distinct despite the fact that all of life is comprised of the same elements.

How is this so? How do we end up with such precise life?

If you watch the embryonic formation of any animal in vitro, it is an extraordinary process. How do these cells know how to and where to go? How can we consider any of this to be random? There is an absolute design here which is being carried out with absolute precision.

For example, a human being is formed from the genetic potential in only 2 tiny cells, which then forms 3 layers of cells, which then differentiate into the multiple organs.

How do you go from 2 cells, to multiple delicate organs with such precision? And not just how, but why?

Why do the elements form themselves into such precise life forms when they could easily stay separated in a pool of elements? What orders these elements, and why?

All of life is precisely maintained. Not only is life precisely defined into things that we consider ‘tree’ ‘person’ ‘dog’ ‘rock’ and ‘slug’, but our very atoms, our foundational building blocks, are continuously turning over all of the time.

We are not born with the same atoms that stay ever-present, and no tree or life form keeps the same atoms either.

These atoms are continuously turning over within our cells, coming and going as we eat drink and breathe and excrete through our lungs, skin and various other organs. It is like considering that you have an enormous house but the bricks are being replaced all of the time.

How is it possible to then maintain the same form? How do these atoms know where to go?

We eat chickens, cows, and a multitude of animals, yet we do not become them even though their atoms enter us. I do not become the banana that I ate, yet what was in the banana gets broken down precisely to become part of my body and what my body needs to stay healthy. I stay looking like ‘me’.

It’s quite extraordinary.

We have a collective pool of atoms, that are continuously moving through all of life, building all of life, yet there being such diverse and precise and sustained life forms. An atom that was once in grass enters a cow and then enters a person and then enters the sea to perhaps enter a fish.

How can any of this possibly be random and lacking order and purpose?

If there were any randomness, there would still be a soup of elements mushing around, yet here on Earth we have such precision of species and life with such precise laws of interaction that scientifically it is not possible to say that it is all random.

We have precise laws of chemistry that govern the interaction of particles, and precise laws of motion.

We have precise scientific laws that govern the interaction of all life that exist already that we did not invent but have only just understood.

These laws were there before us. They exist in life all around us. They in fact govern all life around us.

Where do these laws come from? The presence of these laws alone illustrate that there is a higher design which we are a part of.

With the precision of these laws, the diversity and precision of life, and the interconnectivity of it all, to say that you are a scientist and to hold that all of life is random, and is not ordered simply does not make sense.

How is it with all of this continuous cycling that we maintain the same shape as a human being or a cow and do not morph into another form or shape?

How is it that there are such precise laws that govern all life?

Is the answer truly ‘random’?

It is absolutely not scientific to conclude that the order and precision that we exist in is random, without meaning, without purpose and without design.

It is absolutely not scientific to say that there is nothing that orders guides and governs the interaction of all life as all of that which we already know of science clearly points to a higher order.

There is very clearly a higher power, a being, an energy that holds and governs all life of which we are a part of.

This is God. It is Science to know this, and He is the Science itself that we seek to study as nothing can be without Him.

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