World religion day – do we know what religion truly means?

World religion day – do we know what religion truly means?

World Religion Day was first held in 1950 by the Baha'i faith in the United States, but has since taken off globally. It is held every year on the third Sunday in January. Its aim was to create unity amongst religions by bringing attention to similarities and common goals amongst different faiths.

In the audio excerpt below Serge Benhayon presents the true meaning of the word religion and the significance of the “re” in religion which is asking us to come back, to re-turn, re-peat, re-bond to a true unity within that we all share.

Serge also introduces a new religion “The Way of the Livingness” which is not a new religion at all but the oldest religion based on connecting to who we truly are.

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What does religion truly mean?

The word Religion has been misrepresented throughout history. The true meaning of this word is not widely known by people, it is very beautiful and not what we think.

"It is important to understand that all religions contain many sacred and true teachings as given by the soul-full living Divine messengers. However, interwoven within these sacred teachings are the man-made re-interpretations and additions that then form the roots of separation. The honourable manner in which this insidious teaching exists is through the respect each one has for the other. Read and ponder on these words very carefully, for none of the current religions deliver you as the Son of God you immutably are."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings and Revelations

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