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"The UniMed Retreats provide a cycle where and when we can all come together. And in that sharing, experience the living laws and their ways of being that will one-day form life on Earth everywhere. In affect, how we live at the Retreat (during the Retreat) will one day be life on Earth. "

Serge Benhayon 2015 Retreat announcement

Universal Medicine offers three five day live-in healing retreats every year.

  • The first one is held at the River Beach Resort in Hoi An, Vietnam in March
  • The second retreat is held in Lennox Head, Australia in April and
  • The third retreat is held at The Sound Training Centre in the UK in May each year.

These retreats offer an opportunity for a participant to reimprint their daily rhythm to be deeply nurturing, with techniques on how to support the process being shared and discussed.

The day begins at 5:30am with a presentation by Natalie Benhayon to deepen the understanding of the presentations from the day before, and there is an hour of Esoteric Yoga before breakfast. The morning and afternoon sessions offer a unique package of Esoteric Philosophy, Esoteric Psychology and Esoteric Medicine presented by Serge Benhayon, with the participants interacting and using group work to further understanding. There is another session of Esoteric Yoga before dinner to conclude the day.

All meals served at the retreats are gluten and dairy free, and the quality of ingredients and the menu are carefully considered. Each retreat ends with a celebratory dinner and dance.

The way Serge and Natalie prepare for the Retreats and everything in their life is not through study or notes, but through their livingness and way of being, knowing whatever is needed is provided for. Therefore, every single retreat is unique and in response to the specific participants attending and what is being energetically called for in that moment. Many participants attend more than one retreat a year and benefit enormously from each. Other students do not attend any of the retreats in person but through their connection also receive and benefit from the healings offered.

History of the Retreats

In April 2007, Universal Medicine announced its first five day healing retreats to be held in 2008.

The first two, five day, six night retreats were held in March 2008 at the River Beach Resort in Hoi An, Vietnam. They proved to be so popular that within two days of the announcement they both were fully booked out.

Students from all over the world came together in Vietnam. Many participants had been in contact with each other for some years but never met in person so it was a particularly joyful occasion. As well as benefitting from the healing and new ways of life offered at the retreat, the participants and their families immensely enjoyed the open and loving ways of the local people and visiting the many tailors and fantastic shopping that Hoi An offers.

A third retreat was offered in April 2008 which was held at Lennox Head in Australia. This retreat was equally booked out very quickly.

Following the success of the 2008 retreats participant numbers grew in following years. As the River Beach Resort extended their resort facilities to include a larger conference hall the retreats grew in numbers steadily. Every year many students attend and have developed strong loving bonds with the staff and locals in Hoi An.

As Serge Benhayon wrote in the 2014 Vietnam Retreat Info Pack:

“We love holding our first Retreat in Vietnam; we very much look forward to returning to Hoi An town. Few places in the world can still hold the ‘old charm’ of yesteryear, which Hoi An, in particular, is famous for. And this is one of the main reasons we have chosen to host our Retreat there in addition to the great family care and genuine loving atmosphere we get from all the staff at the River Beach Resort. This is truly a unique situation where the River Beach team genuinely look forward to having us there. They have touched our lives as we have touched and changed theirs.”

Many thousands from all around the world have attended since 2008. Currently three retreats are held every year and many hundreds of people plan their annual vacations around these dates and attend one or more of the retreats as a part of their way of life.

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