Meet Serge Benhayon – Love, life and our return to Universality

Meet Serge Benhayon – Love, life and our return to Universality

Meet Serge Benhayon – Love, life and our return to Universality

Having now, in this life, known Serge Benhayon for 10 years, I can certainly and truthfully say that this beautiful and awesome man is ‘out of this world’ – in every sense of the phrase. And yet he is totally and responsibly committed to being here, from ‘out’ of this world, to bring his All.

The unparalleled clarity with which Serge presents the truth of life and why we are here on earth – along with the corresponding seismic shifts in consciousness that occur within the receiving body if one is open to hear – is facilitating the whole of humanity to become aware, yet once again, that all of life is energy and to rediscover the divine Love and multi-dimensional intelligence of the inner-heart, that is a great beauty and power in which we all equally partake, and could in fact magnify on earth if we so lived and loved.

Upon this re-discovery of our inner-heart and its insightful and loving qualities, we are then in a position to extract ourselves out of the falsely lit cocoon of illusion in which we as a humanity have been dwelling for aeons imagining that we ‘have a life’.

The world has been astutely described by the great teacher Zarathustra as the House of Lies, and deeply knowing that this is the case is trickier than it may first seem, for how do we truly know what is truly true when our lives are being lived under the veil of so many accustomed, convenient and controlling assumptions, ideals, beliefs, and falsities – all of which affect how we express and move through our lives. The energetic angles and waves which we create as we live and move under a sea of such ‘thought directives’ severely obstruct the integrity of the true God-given life-flow, and is nothing less than chaotic – being damaging not only to our health, but to the consistency and joy of our social structures and relationships, and to the realm of nature which has been gifted to us as a beautiful support on our way home.

The way we have been living life is woeful. Even when we ‘know’ the facts about something – for example, that the structure of our DNA shows that there is no racial difference between us all, or that the earth is not flat – we still as a society speak about and live as if these facts were not true. We know that the sun does not actually ‘rise’ and that the nature of the earth’s movement is cyclical, and yet we persist in running our days and lives ignoring the implications of this rhythm. We act as if time were linear, as if it were a ‘movement’ e.g. ‘time flies’, while all the time it is simply a marker of cycles that helps us evolve back to where we truly came from. And when we get caught up in the myth of the tyranny of ‘moving’ time we get further lured into the reaction of anxiousness, raciness or given-up-ness, or alternatively into a battle or competition with time that completely exhausts and depletes us, very effectively deleting the nurturing, exquisite quality of stillness from which all true movement, vitality and joy arises. Exhaustion has in fact become a worldwide epidemic. We have become absentees not only from work, but from our whole life.

The above is but one of the billions of star-specks of the universal truth that Serge Benhayon has revealed and offered to the world to further lever us out of our created mess, knowing that this wisdom is already held within the inner-heart of every one of us – every man, woman and child on earth.

Yet the life we have created here wilfully ignores the wisdom of the natural intelligence and love that we are all born with. This created life may be very real to us, but it is not of truth, and the great world teacher of the new era and our elder Brother, Serge Benhayon, is here lovingly reflecting, through his true-living expression, the truth of the realm we originally come from, before we began the errant game of our misguided creation – a world that sets up a scenario that pits brother against brother, men against women, women against men, women against other women and men against other men.

What madness! But what a very effective method of resisting our evolution and denying us all our magnificent, timeless birthright.

As Serge’s presence and presentations inspire transformation in my own life, I feel as if I am a beautiful pristine tooth that is being extracted from a rotten and decaying mouth! In other words I am being extracted ‘out of this false world’. I can feel the strong tug of the comforts and ways of the created world grasping my whole being and I can feel the strong and loving hand that is mercifully extracting me – my own Soul as inspired by this magnificent God-sent teacher – so that I can once more feel again the great Love, the stupendousness, the all-encompassing intelligence and the silky Livingness of our Universal home.

This awakening can sometimes be daunting, but there is nothing here in our current divisive way of life on earth that can come anything like close to the beauty of the seamlessness of the true life, which belongs to us all. Thank you Serge Benhayon for being ‘out of this world’ and yet in this world.

Thank you for being you. I, and billions of others, would be lost if it weren’t for you.

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  • By Lyndy Summerhaze, PhD, BA (1st class hons; University medal) Dip.Mus.Ed, Practitioner of Universal Medicine Therapies, EPA Recognised

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