What’s for Brexit?

Like many people in the UK I felt dismayed by the choice of my fellow countrymen to leave the European Union. It feels like a step back after years of working towards unity with our neighbouring countries.

Are we heading for more division in our world?

If so, what are the consequences of this choice?

Do we yet have an opportunity to ponder this reflection and choose greater unity?

We sit on the edge of a dark abyss – are we reading the signs? Here is the signpost out of the darkness...

If Mohammed, Krishna, Jesus and Buddha got together for breakfast one morning, would they start a war, or would there be so much love that the question of difference was neither raised, nor considered? Perhaps they would simply celebrate the awareness of their unique expressions on the One Truth. If we agree that because their common message to humanity is one of Love, then perhaps we should equally ask ourselves how we have created division between Christian, Moslem, Buddhist and Hindu.

The philosopher Serge Benhayon presents that there is a link between this separation and the manifestation of illness and disease in our society. Is it possible that this ‘threat’ presents itself as cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, depression, abusive relationships, psychosis etc?

The call is for us to unite as one body of humanity, but surely first we must unite within ourselves. We must choose to connect with the energy of unity within ourselves and then allow this to be our expression in the world.

Do we have to have another world war to know what it is to unite with each other? In the UK there are still many films and series’ on TV that reflect with apparent fondness on World War II. This was an important historical event of course, but is that why we recall it so frequently? Or is it because it was a time when people united to fight a common enemy and got a glimpse of what it is like when we unite rather than separate? Do we really need a common foe to feel and connect with this unity with others, or could we just choose it because we love unity and it is our very nature?

Fans of Star Trek will know of ‘The Borg’ – the part biological, part cybernetic creatures who ‘assimilate’ races of beings in the most horrendous way, 'adding their uniqueness to their collective.' How would it be if we did become aware of such a threat to humanity... and that the only hope of survival is to unite and work together – the power of our one unified presence being the only way to fight this common threat? Do we really need to be forced to unite in this way or can we simply choose it because we know it is true? Perhaps this threat already exists, but rather than coming from some alien invasion, it manifests from within man himself, who has rejected the unity he knows in his heart in favour of separation and individuality.

Brexit has now become reality. The United Kingdom has chosen to leave the EU, although perhaps it would be wise to make it clear that England and Wales chose to leave the EU, whilst Scotland and Northern Ireland chose to remain.

The fallout from this decision is just beginning but the immediate sense around the community in which I live and work and even amongst some who voted to leave, is one of disbelief. People are devastated, not maybe for the reasons we think but because deep down we all have a genuine call to come together and unite. Love is calling us all to come together, however, are we living for the unification of man or for the division of humanity?

Am I just a naive human being or is it true that in the heart of every man there is a fundamental call for us to connect with each other and work together in a unified way?

Not just to fight evil or another perceived foe but simply because it is our true nature that we love truth and we love harmony – true harmony that is aware of the commonality that is in us all and of the Love we are all of, and from.

There is a deep call from humanity at present and the reply is embodied in full and expressed openly by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

Theirs is a call to remember our ‘One Unified Truth’ – to return to the place in our hearts where we know we are connected with each other and that we can choose to live this truth.

This is not some fanciful notion or wishful thinking but a reality many are experiencing in the world today. It is a reality many – if not all of us – long for. Let’s not create another world war before we choose this united way – let’s choose it now, just because we can and we know it as our Truth.

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  • Photography: Cameron Martin, Video and Photography