Esoteric Yoga – yoga for our world today

Esoteric Yoga is yoga for our world today

Esoteric Yoga – yoga for our world today

“We have lost the ability to be still and or even know what it is.

That stillness is within – it is in your inner-most.”

Serge Benhayon The Way of Initiation, ed 3, p 478

Esoteric Yoga was founded in the year 2000 by Serge Benhayon of Universal Medicine. It is yoga for our current times, presenting a way of living in connection with the divine quality of stillness that is within us all.

In stillness, we are naturally in union (yoga) with the inner divine spark that the Ageless Wisdom refers to as the ‘esoteric’ or ‘inner-most’, and thus all that we truly are. Stillness is not about being immovable or removed from life, it is an exquisite living quality – an energetic state of being – that we can all connect to and know in the reality of our everyday lives.

Esoteric Yoga is the Yoga of Stillness.

Our current times and the call for a return to stillness

In the times in which we live, anxiety, stress and nervous tension are commonplace.

As Serge Benhayon, the founder of Esoteric Yoga has stated, the vast majority of us live with a “low grade level of anxiousness” which is draining and directly impacts upon our bodies and wellbeing. We are by and large living disconnected from the stillness within, and it is exhausting us.

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Why are so many people exhausted?

When we live in anxiousness our body never truly rests and we end up exhausted.

We see endemic levels of anxiety and anxiousness also confirmed in the field of modern psychology. A global study by researchers at the University of Queensland Australia, spanning 91 countries, and over 480,000 people, found that anxiety affects 7.3% of the population world-wide[1] – that’s 540 million people suffering diagnosable anxiety at any given time, a population over 1½ times the size of the U.S.A. Countless more are living in nervous tension and anxiousness.

Clearly, “We have lost the ability to be still…” Serge Benhayon

And so what is going on that we find ourselves in such a state?

Our choices in what we eat and consume (sugar, coffee), our obsession with technology (are your devices ‘on’ 24/7?), our drive for success, or the push to just plain keep up… all can play a part in keeping our bodies ‘racy’ – in a state of (potentially perpetual) anxiousness and nervous tension. Is it any wonder many look to alcohol or many other ways to ‘wind down’?

We are also adept at disconnecting from being present with ourselves with what we are actually doing – caught in thinking about past events, or feeling stressed and anxious about things to come – a relationship issue, a work deadline… whilst yet engaged in other tasks. This ‘double-life’ is also a drain on our energy, disconnecting us from our bodies and impacting upon our natural ability to live from the still centre within.

A great toll is being taken on the true health and vitality of our bodies. We all know that our reliance on stimulants such as caffeine and sugar to get through the day is not a sustainable answer – however normalised this has become. With the escalation of many rates of illness and disease globally, it is worth pausing to consider how we ourselves are contributing to our own true health and its sustainability.

The great malaise of our times, however, is not only the high incidence of illness and disease, but the fact that this is rooted in the way in which we are predominantly living – disconnected from our own inner stillness.

We may find that stillness is hard to define until we experience it again, with so much of the world and the choices we make seemingly keeping us from it. Yet it remains ever awaiting within for us to connect to, if we so choose.

Each and every one of us holds the capacity to know our own stillness and live with it as a foundation in our lives – not on a remote mountaintop or place of retreat, but in the busyness, realness and demands of our every day.

Coming back to ourselves and our inner stillness – sustainably so

The modality of Esoteric Yoga, the Yoga of Stillness, addresses our disconnection from ourselves and our inner stillness, by offering us a way of discovering and nurturing our relationship with it once again. It allows us to feel how foundational the quality of stillness is to our state of being.

Through the simple, everyday movements incorporated in Esoteric Yoga, we are supported to become aware of the actual quality of how we go about what we do, whilst we are doing it – rather than be caught up in the next task (or ten…) ahead of us. This takes time and dedication to apply in our day, yet it offers us the opportunity to go deeper and reconnect with our true inner-most essence.

In our initial experience of Esoteric Yoga, we may feel our bodies relax and let go of the accumulation of tension and anxiousness we’ve accepted as normal. This is not yet stillness, but a welcome step toward preparing ourselves to reconnect to it. In stillness, the surrender to who we are is deeper. It is absolute. In stillness we are in yoga (union) with our essence, simple and exquisite. And yes, this quality can be taken into our day, in all that we do.

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Moving with stillness

Stillness is a quality that can be found inside our body and expressed outwardly through movement.

It is in the deepening of our bodily connection, presence and relationship with our inner stillness, that we hold the keys to living our everyday lives in yoga (union) with our true essential nature – with a consistency of steadiness and deep joy.

It is possible for us to actually thrive rather than exhaust ourselves.

Our ability to know this all begins with our willingness to connect – to the essence of who we are, our bodies and the choices that we make.

In stillness we know the wholeness and magnificence from which we come, and that we need not lose ourselves in the fray. We begin to make adjustments in the way we are living, inspired by the quality we feel and know within and how beautiful it – and we – truly are.

“The magic of stillness is in motion –
the goal is to bring stillness in motion
into everything we do.”

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 91

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Joy is the magic of stillness in motion

We move all day long - so how important is it to know that the way we move can either make us exhausted or be joyful?


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