Quality of presence – reflection

Stillness is a quality of presence, offering a clear reflection.

Quality of presence – reflection

Just as we can look into a still body of water and clearly see reflections of all that is surrounding it, so too when we hold ourselves with a quality of presence, we reflect a clarity and stillness that can be felt by others.

It is our inner quality of presence and stillness that allows us to feel this same quality outside of us reflecting back. These qualities of the soul reside within us.

Nature’s reflections are indeed divine and are consistently reminding us, calling us back to our natural harmony. It is very easy to appreciate the beauty in nature and the many qualities it re-connects us with, such as the stillness at dawn, the joy of the birds awakening, the loving embrace and warmth of the sun or the aliveness and harmony of a forest.

Yet have we been truly appreciating that these natural qualities also lay within us, that when we are recognising the beauty outside of ourselves it has first been registered within us? We are all this and so much more.

The deeper the stillness, the greater the clarity,
the brighter the reflection.

Nature powerfully confirms the beauty, strength, sensitivity and delicateness we are within. Every quality we feel and see resides in us and we can align at any moment and live in respect to All that is within; though the opposite can also be felt if we get emotional or overrun by thoughts and have dis-connected from our bodies. We are no longer the clearly reflecting surface of being, we are more like a turbulent, tumultuous sea. We are feeling these differing qualities in and around us 24/7.

Connecting to the power of our reflection and how it impacts others and the environment around us calls us to a level of response-ability we may not have considered. We make a difference!

Everything in life, in our every relationship and the world around us, is offering a reflection and we too are part of that. We make a difference!

The quality of reflection that is received is based on the response or reaction to what has been received.

Every moment is therefore an opportunity to re-connect to our natural state of being – and reflect the soulful qualities of truth, love, harmony, stillness and joy that are equally within us.

"If all motion had stillness as its foundation,
the movement of human life would know itself by a harmonious rhythm."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 366

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  • By Victoria Picone

    A forever student of life and the grand universe we are a part of. I am a woman who is dedicated to true health and wellbeing, from the inside out. I love the ever-unfolding nature of life, the people in it, and nature’s beauty… reflecting our own.

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