Singing from my connection to Stillness

Singing from My connection to Stillness

Singing from my connection to Stillness

Andrea Leonhardi, singer, songwriter and musician, shares how connecting to her inner stillness allows her to share this quality with us through her voice.

When I sing in the studio for a recording I keep the connection to my innermost and feel and move from the stillness in my body. It feels very natural and expanding to sing in this way – no emotional ups and downs, no excitement, no recognition – just being and surrendering to the flow of the song.

If I were to get excited or emotional I would lose the depth of stillness, and then the voice would carry excitement or emotions instead of stillness and harmony. When a song is sung from and with that stillness it inspires the listener to re-connect to their own stillness; instead of music taking you away from yourself – into dreams, hope, future or past – a song sung from stillness can bring you, the listener, back to yourself and offer true connection.

I deeply connect with my stillness before going on stage but I actually live with that connection beforehand: it is an every-day-living that has become my daily movement that is then reflected from my body and my voice. The way I live and move is in the sound that emanates from my body.

Heaven's Joy: Something Very Still

Choosing a loving quality as often as I can in my day, and reconnecting to my inner stillness through Esoteric Yoga (which is always a good marker and reference point), supports me and serves me to receive and write a next song… When I am connected to my innermost stillness it offers a space for the song to come and fall into my heart and I can then sing it and write it down.

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  • By Andrea Leonhardi