Connection with myself is pure gold

Connection with myself through Esoteric Yoga is pure gold

Connection with myself is pure gold

Having participated in several Esoteric Yoga Programs over the last few years, I’ve experienced aspects of this modality that are unlike any other kind of yoga I’ve done in the past. The most beautiful thing about Esoteric Yoga is that never is anything being done to me; rather what I experience, become aware of and learn simply comes from the offering of what is available from my own inner connection, should I choose to go there.

Connection with myself is pure gold. No matter what is going on in the day, I can come back to myself. It does not have to be difficult or a struggle. When I am open to feeling whatever is there to feel in my body – whether there are aches, pains, a beautiful warmth or a glow from within – the worries and concerns of the day diminish. And yet, it is not about escaping from the world. Rather, I’ve realised that connecting with who I am inside allows me to see what’s going on outside of me in a different way. I feel that I can, in fact, handle whatever is going on and that I can choose how I respond to it. Sometimes it may be that there is a concern that can be resolved right now, or sometimes it is at a later time. Other times the issue is not really an issue at all!

When I participate in Esoteric Yoga I am able to connect with my essence – what’s underneath all the layers of worry, self-doubt, frustration, sadness, drive and busy-ness.

Over time I’ve began to see a glimmer (and sometimes a super bright spotlight!) that all those layers are actually not truly me, not a true part of me and my essence. They are emotions and reactions that I have learned throughout life.

I remember how the very first Esoteric Yoga session felt – how amazing the movements were and feeling such joy in doing them. Then in the second and third sessions, I questioned, are we going to do the exact same movements each time? I discovered that the answer was ‘yes’. And I began to feel lots of aches and pains, especially when sitting up with legs out. It would have been easy to say, this is not for me, there are ten things I’d rather do than feel this.

Yet as painful as it may have been at times to feel the ache in my back, shoulders, sacrum, hips etc, I always stuck with it and stayed open to what my body can communicate. I have learned to appreciate that the very fact I can feel all of these things – and more – is amazingly beautiful and worth so much more than going through life unaware of what’s happening inside. I have learned to be gentle with myself, because ‘pushing through’ aches and pains is not what Esoteric Yoga is about. If there is a pain somewhere, I can move in a different way, adjust my posture, or bring in additional support, like a pillow or blanket. My body thanks me for this.

When I go through the day lost in thoughts, action, or mindless routine, my body is still speaking to me every moment but I may not be aware of it until something comes up that I cannot ignore – an ache or sharp pain, a headache, or illness. So how amazing is it that we all have access to a modality that supports us to re-connect with ourselves so that the body can show us in exceptional detail what is going on?

What I’m learning through Esoteric Yoga is that I have a constant relationship with my body. My body talks to me, and me to it. In that connection it communicates to me what is needed in any given moment. If I listen to it and stop trying to fit into norms and rules, I am not lessened in any way. I feel clear, strong, and settled within myself.

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  • By Julie Goodhart, BA Psychology; SHRM-SCP, PHR

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