How Esoteric Healing can support us to be centred.

If one were to look up the term ‘grounded’ or what it means to be a ‘grounded person’, online or in a book, it comes up with phrases such as being sensible, mentally and emotionally stable, firmly established, or someone who responds to life in a calm manner.

I have been experiencing more and more of what it means for me to be grounded; a feeling of being whole within my body, and a focus that gives me the space to observe life all around me. It also refers to literally being able to feel my feet and my whole body – my body and being are together in these moments rather than off in my thoughts, disconnected from what I am feeling and elsewhere and not in the present moment.

When grounded and centred in my body, it’s much easier to read the energies around me in my day to day life, I am noticing how other people’s bodies are, and then understanding that there is a second language being communicated energetically through how they move, their tone of voice and the words they say, that can be felt.

From this I have been learning how to respond to those moments in remaining centred and steady, noticing how I can alter my feeling of being steady, or not, simply by how I move, how I hold myself, and an awareness of my posture. When I am in reaction to the disharmony that I feel and see in other people’s movements and communication I have no clarity – instead there is only a dizzy spin of negative behaviours, thoughts and words inside of me.

To be grounded is a state of being, whereby one is present within life and connected and steady within oneself to read the energy around us and respond accordingly.

Through the support of Sacred Esoteric Healing and Esoteric Yoga I have experienced a feeling of stillness within my body. In those sessions I feel qualities such as warmth, stillness, contentment, steadiness and support. My muscles don’t have to be tense; my whole body can relax and sink into the massage table. Sometimes in these moments pain, discomfort and emotions may arise, the difference being now that I feel supported and confident to face the unpleasant feelings by remaining focussed on the steadiness within me. The more grounded I remain in this feeling of stillness, the more I can let go and then it doesn’t take long for the discomfort, emotion or pain to dissolve and clear.

In re-connecting to my body and that feeling of becoming grounded, I have learnt that my aches, reactions, injuries and pains are not a curse or something to blame myself for.

I have more understanding now that they are messages and signs from my body to be aware of the quality in which I move, whether I am being nurturing, asking me for more love to be lived, for more feelings to be adhered to, and obedient too. It makes sense to me now that without awareness we can walk ourselves into illness and disease. With awareness I can stop for a moment and ground myself, taking a moment to feel my body and what’s going on and then begin to move in my environment and amongst others in a way that is more in flow and harmony, less imposing.

This is a far cry from my days of resisting what I was feeling by making sure that I was distracted from my body with the pursuit of video gaming or letting my mind get taken into fantasy worlds. Even today, if reading my phone whilst walking, or wandering off into thought whilst reading a blog and not retaining anything I just read, I can feel disconnected from my body and reality. This is shown to me by the snap back I encounter just before I bump into someone or become blank, not being able to recall the moments before. These disconnected moments feel really disturbing when compared to the lightness I feel within me when walking in conscious presence. I’ve found that in the disconnection, the dramas, emotions and reactions have a chance to creep into my life and in being grounded and present they don’t have a chance to run my life.

Sacred Esoteric Healing invites us to look at our relationship with our health and our lifestyle choices that lead to our current health status in a completely different way. Inspired from the sessions of healing, the motivation to make changes to our lives is not then from fear or to avoid disease, but to lovingly make choices that allow us the grace and space to come back to a harmonious relationship with ourselves that we long ago walked away from.

Our bodies are constantly working to remain in a state of harmony: in science this is called equilibrium and within anatomy and physiology it is called homeostasis. Whilst Science and Medicine focus on the functional aspects of the body, Sacred Esoteric Healing supports us to restore our innermost quality and connect to our feelings and the way in which we move and live in life, allowing us to feel the imbalance or disharmony within the body.

When we avoid our feelings, our next step is to engage with reactions, thus remaining unstable and unclear as to what the body is communicating. In this state of being emotional our decisions and choices are not sound, stable, sensible or calm. Only through connecting to our deeper self, and grounding ourselves within our bodies by how we move, can we stay with our sensitivity and acknowledge our feelings, making sensible, loving, and wise choices that further support our bodies to heal.

In developing a connection with the quality of Stillness that resides naturally within the body there is a stabilising and grounding effect. Feeling together and present with our whole body brings a feeling of joy, inner confidence and union. It is not a state of being that is immovable as the body never stops moving, breathing, blinking, heart beating – in other words being in constant expression. However, there is a grand feeling of being all together rather than racy and unaware of what’s going on within every part of our human body. In this quality of connection we can explore and respond to the messages and lessons of life and gain deeper understandings of ourselves, others and everything else.

Just as we would stand still to take in a picture rather than just walking past, becoming grounded within ourselves allows us greater scope to see the All that we are, and are a part of in this universe.

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