Healthy Lifestyle

There is a science to everything we are and do in life. Science is the know-how of how things work and there is no aspect of life that is not governed by principles, laws and mechanics that all follow a universal order – and so are we. We are designed in a certain way and it is of utmost interest to understand the inner and outer workings that make us who we are, as it enables us to consciously make choices that contribute to living a harmonious life in accordance with the divine order we are immutably part of.

'Healthy Lifestyle' is a rich source of reports, case studies and experiments by ordinary people like you and me. They are scientists of the art of living a harmonious life, sharing their experiences, findings, insights and know-how so that everyone can benefit from their research and be inspired if one chooses so.

Enjoy these honest and real, practical, wise, and at times witty sharings of your fellow students in the school of life.