Gentle Breath Meditation®: the warmest embrace comes from within

 Gentle Breath Meditation®: the warmest embrace comes from within

Gentle Breath Meditation®: the warmest embrace comes from within

The other morning I was on the ferry meditating in my car on my way to work. I was aware that I’d gotten a bit frazzled dropping of my son at school and then throughout the drive to the ferry, because I was impatient and wanting to find a parking spot so I could catch the right ferry to get me directly to work.

As I do every day on the commute I close my eyes to start the Gentle Breath Meditation®. As my breath became gentler I felt an expansion in my lungs, and breathing became almost effortless. I could feel a beautiful warmth in my lungs and in my chest that then spread to my arms, my hands, and then filled my whole body. It was like a fire gently warming me and bringing a deep stillness.

In that moment I recognised that I was in the warmest, yummiest, most loving embrace I’d ever experienced – yet it came from within. In this moment all the chaos of the morning before my meditation simply didn’t exist.

My mind was no longer racing with thoughts of being late and how that would affect my day. My shoulders and arms were no longer tight and tense from gripping the steering wheel in anxiousness about being late. The frustration at other drivers had disappeared. Instead I felt calm, at ease and joyful and I recognised a deep sense of stillness in me. From here I knew I was completely prepared for the day ahead without the anxiousness that had me feeling frazzled only a few moments earlier.

I realised that morning, with great clarity, that what I was feeling was the very essence of me, who I truly am – and that is love. This love resides within me and it always has. My relationship with myself has deepened since introducing the Gentle Breath Meditation® and has led to a deeper level of nurturing and self-love.

I also stopped to reflect on all that I had expected, wanted or needed from the hug or embrace of another in the past. I could feel how I’d longed for a sense of comfort, reassurance, belonging, acceptance, and of course love. I can feel now how imposing this is to another person and also how I could never receive what I had wanted because it can only come from within.

I thank Serge Benhayon for sharing the very simple Gentle Breath Meditation® technique. It is without a doubt one of the most precious and empowering gifts I have ever received – the ability to again know and feel the love that I truly am.

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Introductory Gentle Breath Meditation

Being both informational and instructional the Introductory Gentle Breath Meditation is the perfect meditation for beginners or for anyone interested in developing and establishing the quality of their own gentle breath and understanding the true value and purpose of meditation.

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