Music in Harmony

Reflecting on the word harmony, it is interesting to consider its relationship with music. We think of music in terms of whether the song has a ‘good’ harmony, meaning does it catch our attention, offering ‘pleasing combinations’ of sounds.

A deeper question we can ask is whether the music is truly harmonious, or does the music impose upon us an emotional outpouring that is often not realised by the artist, who is caught in the ideals around performing and making sounds they believe are unique, clever and worthy of attention?

Of course, within the Universe everything has been done before – unique is not a word we will find in heaven – there is nothing new, only different flavours of the same vibrations that have been offered before. If we are willing to understand this lack of uniqueness in musical output, we can bring a humbleness to our relationship with the music that we hear and or play. In this regard, the real question around music we should ask is, not “what does the music offer”, but “from where does it come?”

"Everything is energy, and therefore everything is because of energy"

Serge Benhayon (1999)

Everything is drawn or impulsed from one of two energy sources, prana or fire – one that harms and the other that heals. Which well has the artist drunk from? Will the musical output be from a state of true harmony, or will it not?

We start to delve into more subtle readings of music and can ask; “is the music confirming who we are, is it uplifting us?” Is there a flow to the music or is it jagged: hip hop can be an obvious example, often producing jarring lyrics and beats that sit heavily in the air, its rhymes speaking lustfully and hatefully of people and situations, image driven, delivered in separation to our natural state of harmony and togetherness. It can be interesting to observe how this music truly feels in our body and how it can affect our state of being.

While some music is transparently abusive, other styles of music offer subtler forms of imposition that may be equal or greater in effect. This can only be discerned on a vibrational level within our bodies, far beyond the notes and lyrics played.

What is ‘coming through’ the artist? Are they in harmony in their own body, or is the music – however sweet and catchy it may sound to the ear – delivered from a disharmonious body, one unresolved in its feelings, thus offering something that is out of sync with the essence of who we are.

That unresolved state arises whenever our intention to perform music is not coming from an intention to connect with and be in harmony with God. When the music is driven by a need to receive accolades for your artistry, then it is a clear sign that the music is not clear, and thus not harmonious with the Universe where oneness is our natural calling. To make music that delivers us closer to the truth of God, that being a truth of our harmony, living free of the need to ‘be someone’ elevated in status and instead to be united in the outpouring that is offered.

Living in connection to our Soul offers simplicity, and so harmonious music is simple too in its delivery. Almost invariably an artist is attached to the idea that the music belongs to them, rather than the idea that the music flows through them from one of those two above named sources. Perhaps this is why we see that the albums crafted over many months, sometimes years, are woven through means of calculation and complication, produced by those who are devoted to the idea of producing genius, not seeing that music in harmony has no individual ownership.

‘Music in harmony’ simply put is found in our living way, requires no celebrity or rock star excesses, it just is for everyone, created with honesty and integrity by those who know it is not them making the music. It flows simply as life can too – music as part of The Livingness.

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  • Photography: Clayton Lloyd