Jenny James – ‘She’ album review

Jenny James – ‘She’ album review

Jenny James – ‘She’ album review

‘SHE’ is a body of work that represents a vast newness of depth in expression and fullness of presence for this great singer and songwriter. Jenny’s voice, always full of light, joy and beautiful innocence, has moved into a depth of sacred authority that holds the listener’s attention as it brings them to a point of deeper settlement within their body. This woman has the capacity to deliver unshakeable truth in a package that makes the living of it feel so simple and natural … why, you wonder, have I waited so long to live it?

The magic of this album is that it delivers the Universal truth of what a woman is, in a package that is by turns bright, warm, loving, playful and as sexy as anything. It is like a conversation with a loving and powerful friend who will not allow you to settle for anything less than the beauty and grace you are. Genres do not contain her; rather, they are playthings that support her purpose which is to deliver the fulness of the Soul through music, sacredness in sound. Musical styles obey her command to deliver everything that is required for the listener’s deepening awareness. Instruments played by Chris James interweave with Jenny’s voice to enhance the musical landscape.

The opening song I Feel Your Love settles us with its balladic warmth. The clarity of her vocals bring definition to the lyrics that let us know that ‘the universe shines, every move we make’ – there it is … song one is the unapologetic declaration of our Universal significance.

The title song of the album, She, takes us immediately to the ancient past of us, straight back to the ancient temples in which the priestesses served all of humanity with their dedication to Divine at-one-ment – “the face of sacredness” revealed. The eras fold back on themselves in the listening – we come to realise that all we are has always been.

Move in Love harks to Jenny’s roots in country, the delicacy of the violin highlighting the bright beauty of her voice and her joyful expression of what it is to live the magnificence of the Soul in everyday life.

Listen to her turn up the heat in You Thought You Had Me – described as the “ultimate breakup song with creation” . She sings the truth that we all face when we relinquish the poverty we thought we had to accept from human life. This is the anthem of reclamation of the Soul; the celebration of the moment when having sensed what we are, we know we will never be owned by lovelessness again.

The Queen of Divinity takes the listener deep into the inmost of their being – ancient, immediate, profound, echoing beyond time into the furthest reaches of space. No more can be said of this prayer other than close your eyes, and drink the majesty of it in through your entire being.

In Sacred Ground the feeling changes but the power remains, igniting the knowing of what it is to live sacred, and to ‘move with Heaven’. Another prayer, another reminder of the preciousness we are and how worth this is living for the All. Take in these words “my footsteps tread, wide my wings spread” and know that you are Divine and your Divinity can imprint this world.

Voice of The Universe sings from the depths of a being dedicated to truth in all aspects of life – this is another moment of deepening offered to the listener who is willing to let go to the depth of their own being. The warm beholding of Jenny’s voice and the magnificence of the music make the movement in so simple – all is known, all you are doing is releasing yourself to the grandness of your note in the One Song of the Universe.

In the celebration of Beyond the Stars all that we are is revealed, and all laid out before us. This great song celebrates ‘the diamond in the Plan’ – how all of us can live, breathe and move Divinity. Move in the grace of this song and you are moving with grace, love and absolute joy – under “Heaven’s might” our future is assured.

I Know Who I am amps up the sexy – the 1940’s chanteuse bringing the power of self-realisation with the purity of the Divine in every note. Know who you are and know that the corruption of this world can never fool you again. So simple, so powerfully sung from the heart of a woman who lives the truth of it.

The final song Love Bomb It sparkles with fun, joy and more than a sprinkling of darned useful advice for how to handle the craziness of our world with loads of in-your-face spunkiness.

SHE is the album for any woman who is ready to know herself from her depths, and any man who is willing to join her there. This is music that connects the human to their beingness – it is richly endowed with truth and deeply evolving for the listener, delivered with the lightness of one who has walked the path to her own innermost. It is a testimony to The Living Way of Jenny James and her commitment to the evolution of humanity.

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