Sweet potato hash browns

Sweet Potato Hash Browns

Sweet potato hash browns

These gluten free hash browns make a scrumptious addition to a big breakfast – or great on their own with a dollop of your favourite pesto on top! Quick and easy to make and cook, they are a winner with the kids too.

SERVES: 4 PREP TIME: 10 mins COOK TIME: 10 mins


  • 1kg sweet potatoes, peeled and grated
  • 1 onion, grated
  • ½ cup chickpea or rice flour
  • 1 free-range egg, lightly beaten
  • ½ cup dairy-free, gluten free milk (e.g. soy or almond milk)
  • oil for frying


  1. Place grated potato and onion in a sieve and squeeze to drain off the liquid
  2. Combine all ingredients in a bowl
  3. Cover the bottom of a heavy-based frying pan with 1cm of oil on medium to high heat
  4. Put a tablespoon of mixture into the hot frying pan
  5. Use a fork to spread the mixture into a patty shape
  6. Cook until golden brown, approximately 2 minutes on each side

To Serve

Serve with a dollop of Beetroot dip or Hummus dip


Add any spices that you may like for that something extra.

Dietary Requirements

Gluten Free  |  Dairy Free  |  Sugar Free  |  Yeast Free  |  Soy Free  |  Egg Free  |  Nut Free  |  Vegetarian

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