Self-care the path to awareness and the true self

Self-care the path to awareness and the true self

Self-care the path to awareness and the true self

Ahead of the curve, Serge Benhayon started presenting on self-care in 1999 from the understanding that it is the first step to developing a life that is truly well, vital and full and completely engaging, alive and loving in all aspects of one’s life.

Central to what he presented in the 1990's and continues to offer today is the understanding that we are responsible for our health and well-being through our daily choices – thus offering the understanding that true medicine is how we live.

The teachings of The Ageless Wisdom as presented by Serge Benhayon also offers a variety of practical tools to support individuals to develop self-care in their lives which include:

  • Self-connection through the Gentle Breath Meditation®
  • Conscious presence and body awareness techniques through Esoteric Yoga
  • Everyday healing through postural awareness and gentle movement with Connective Tissue exercises
  • A connected and gentle way of exercise that is for vital health and wellbeing
  • The awareness and understanding that the energetic vibration of music caries a quality that can either support true health and vitality or hinder it.
  • The wisdom that food is medicine and we can either eat to heal and evolve or eat to cripple and dull our body.
  • An understanding of how our energetic quality in our body influences our thoughts

All tools and techniques are designed to connect with our body and listen or feel what it needs on a day to day basis. This is to re-connect to our inner wisdom, to make further choices which supports this connection and the awareness that this offers.

The benefits of self-care are numerous and significant, to include greater personal vitality and well-being and ease or harmony in relationships. However, the personal benefits are not presented as an 'end point' or goal so to speak, for once we start to connect to and live from our body we are simply re-connecting to and 'living' a wisdom that was always there within the body.

By living in a way that allows us to be more connected and aware of our body and the quality that we live, we can then refine and adjust the way we care for self from the foods we eat, our sleep routines, exercise and the way we are with ourself and others that then fosters, deepens and consolidates the connection to the inner-wisdom of our soul and greater levels of awareness which then inform and impulse the choices that we make and the way that we live to shift from self-care to self-love and ultimately to love – our true essence and way of being that comes from connection to soul.

This way of life and its livingness in turn inspires others to feel they can do the same, which is evident from the self-caring changes that close family, friends and work colleagues often also begin to choose.

It is the increase in our awareness, for example, understanding which choices support our connection to our inner-most wisdom and which ones don't - which leads to greater responsibility and integrity in all areas of one’s life. This awareness, responsibility and integrity are the true building blocks that support us to return to and unfold who we truly are and can support us in working together and bringing true care and love to the world.

"If we honour what we truly are, that we are all very sensitive, innately and beautifully so, and acknowledge it, we will live accordingly. This will produce a natural Will to self care and nurture deeply in honour of what is in essence already there. If we ignore our true essence we will have to bury it with all that we are not. Thus, self-abuse overtakes the self-care and the nurturing that are otherwise naturally there."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume II, ed 1, p 268

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