The Truth revealed

To share about The Ageless Wisdom teachings and the experience and impact of this in my life, first requires mention of the long-standing sense I had from young through to the time of meeting Serge Benhayon (in 2001), that all was not right in the world.

My whole life I had a strong knowing inside me that there was something incredibly important missing in the way people were living: there seemed to me a space for something greater and truer to our reason for being here that was not being expressed or communicated, let alone lived, and furthermore there seemed to exist a huge unexplained gap in regard to the understanding of what we’re actually doing here in this life.

I enjoyed my life growing up, and though it held within it the all too common dramas and conflicts in family life, I came out of my childhood pretty well adjusted; however, in my twenties I began to include alcohol, partying and drugs into my life on a social basis. It was pretty easy to fall into this practice as all these forms of entertainment are entirely socially acceptable, certainly in Australia, so long as they remain at a ‘certain level’ of indulgence, and are not considered a real problem to the individual or society until any of these behaviours are indulged in to the point of being classified an addiction. Somehow though, I always knew there was something not quite right with this too in my life, and it fitted with that same sense I had from young that all was not right in the world, often contemplating how it could be considered ‘ok’ to do something to my body that really didn’t feel true.

I accepted living with this tension of feeling that there was more to life, but always held close within me the feeling that more would one day be revealed. I didn’t feel to explore this further through religion, as this had already been a part of my life growing up, and to that point I had not felt the level of integrity or truth with what was being offered in that arena, that deep inside I knew would be a part of this greater truth I sensed. I acquiesced it was simply the case that I hadn’t yet come across anything or anyone who was presenting the truth to life that at my core I absolutely knew existed.

The tension and curiosity never left me and I assumed that I might find it through relationships, and as much as I gave my all to the relationships I was in, there still remained a missing part to the depth that was accessible, and to that extent there still remained a huge question mark hovering over my life as to what really is our purpose here. It is important to mention here that what was occurring for me as a result of this ever-present sense of something missing was that I was going deeper into behaviours that were not truly me, and I was living in a state of emotional highs and lows – a state of being that could easily be labelled as depressed, and this went on for some 13+ years.

It wasn’t until my very first session of Sacred Esoteric Healing with a Universal Medicine Therapies Practitioner in 2001, and via that session my introduction to the teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, that things drastically started to make a lot more sense.

What was and continues to be offered through Serge Benhayon and the teachings and support offered by everything that comes under the umbrella of Universal Medicine, has without question had a profound and life-changing impact on me, and to that end the question that had been disturbing me my whole life until meeting Serge is no longer cause for consternation.

There are so many aspects to what the Ageless Wisdom teachings and Universal Medicine present and represent, so to garner here a simple truth as to how and why these teachings have so immeasurably changed my own and so many other people’s lives, I will bring in here the teachings of energetic integrity and energetic responsibility, as these, when taken seriously, quite simply address every area of life, and are a call to greater accountability for how every one of us lives in the world, and what this means thereafter as a result, in our own lives, in the lives of others, for the planet, and to the entire evolution of the human race.

Energetic integrity and energetic responsibility in their practically applied sense are everything: from being aware of the words we use to communicate and the tone we use in our communication, being aware of the energy and intent behind what and how we are communicating, being responsible with how we care for our bodies and our mental wellbeing – observing what does and what doesn’t sit well with our bodies, be it a food, a substance, an emotion, a sport, or even what we read – it is about being responsible for being honest in recognising the impact to our bodies and minds from everything we ‘ingest’; it is deeply caring about the impact we have on life when we are in any way harmful to ourselves or another, and understanding that there is always a more loving and truthful way to be that doesn’t harm but rather raises us to our highest potential in expression.

There is not a single aspect of life that we cannot apply this observation to, and in doing so proposes the questions of how much do we really love one another, and how much are we prepared to be responsible in how we live for the true advancement of everyone?

Introducing these teachings into my life and applying them to every area of life returned me to that greater connection and meaning of life, simply by the realisation that how every single one of us chooses to live has an impact on everything and everyone around us, and that this impact doesn’t end with this life.

And so too the teachings from Universal Medicine also put the subject of re-incarnation into its most real and purposeful explanation of truth I had ever heard and felt, and that is that we are here to evolve one another. This meant being accountable for my every action – not a pill everyone wants to swallow. And therein lies the answer to why these teachings are not widely taught (nor embraced), because it means to let go of our want to be irresponsible and live the ‘we only live once’ theory, a way of life that is based on feeding and fuelling our needs as individuals.

Until meeting Serge, the choice to live this way and even have the awareness that this is what we are all here for didn’t seem available: this is not because Serge is more special than anyone else, but simply because he responded to the call and had the willingness to bring forth these teachings, and in doing so expose the truth of life that for too long has been protected behind the veil and version of life that communicates the message that ‘we’re just here to seek and have a good life’.

At 49 I am now living with true vitality (not ‘vitality’ sourced from caffeine, sugar or other substances), a truly healthy body and mind, no depression for many years, the most amazing relationship in the world, honest and real relationships with everyone in my life, a working life that I am constantly inspired by, and the responsibility of reflecting that it is entirely possible to live in a way that is deeply respecting of and responsible to our future and purpose here – a way that holds very dear true health and wellbeing, both physically and energetically; a way that holds every person as equal and that supports us all to evolve together.

To live the teachings of energetic integrity and energetic responsibility, which are at the very foundations of what the Ageless Wisdom represents, has had an extremely profound impact on my life, turning it into a life that is super simple and uncomplicated as a result. There are no highs and lows as there used to constantly be, there are no big dramas as there regularly were, there is no abuse to my body as there often was, and I am in a totally committed and loving union with my partner of 18 years, which previously I could only ever have dreamed of.

And above all else, the connection I have within me to the greater purpose of life is absolutely unquestionable, and it is this – the knowing that we are here to evolve one another to our deepest potential – that inspires me every day to live a life dedicated to love and truth.

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  • By Annette Baker, Relationship Counsellor

    Annette's love is supporting and confirming people in returning to the truth they already know deep inside. This she does through her own constant and dedicated relationship to understanding and living the greater meaning and purpose to life.