Returning Home

Who are we? Where do we come from and / or where are we going?

These are the vital questions that are asked in the context when inquiring into our existence. What if it was very simple?

Of all the words, this is The word.
This is Our Word.

Embracing a grandness that no words can describe;
that nobody can fully grasp;
that no one owns;
It belongs to all of us;

That is all of us.

A grandness
that is forever awaiting us,
with its warmth, its stillness, and yet its permanent movement.

A grandness that just breathes beauty;
that does not know anything else and is not curious about anything else.

A stream of purity we just bathe in,
that silently talks to every particle of the body,
that doesn’t even smile at us because this is not necessary.

A Welcome Home like no other,
to a Home that we never truly left, even if we did.

A Home that always welcomes us and is forever awaiting to open its doors, yet that has no doors.

A timeless journey back into our essence;
that is essential;
where we become one with the wholeness we belong to.

A world that knows no fractions or fractures.

A world that is beyond our senses,
where our being just is.

Beyond needs.

That is untouchable;

As much as it is deeply touching.

That loves us immensely;
And where we feel the immense love we are.

Where formlessness meets form and
where we fully embrace divinity,
that is US,
and say yes to our destiny
alongside God.

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  • By Eduardo Feldman , BA Sociology (Universidad de Buenos Aires) Ph.D. Political Science

    Eduardo is interested in advancing a true agenda of well-being for us all by both furthering our understanding of where are we socially trapped (so we can let go) and, by helping people to find settlement in their own bodies.