From stress to ease of being with Esoteric Yoga

Using Esoteric Yoga to move from stress to ease of being

From stress to ease of being with Esoteric Yoga

For many years, life frequently felt like a struggle. Yet I have discovered it doesn’t need to be that way.

What I have come to is that striving to fit into any picture or ideal creates a stress and unease in the body and this impacts our overall health and wellbeing. Following the awareness offered through Esoteric Yoga sessions, and by re-connecting to my body, a different way was established that gave me a solid, strong and steady foundation. This left me feeling equipped to navigate life with far more ease, even in some very challenging situations.

Esoteric Yoga is a gentle and profound modality that supports letting go of the rush, drive, stress, and exhaustion of everyday demands that we often impose upon ourselves or try to live up to. To have the opportunity to bring this depth of presence and awareness to our body is a gift and blessing beyond measure.

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From stress to ease of being

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  • By Stephanie Stevenson, Esoteric Yoga presenter, Esoteric Modalities Practitioner, EPA Recognised

    Complementary Practitioner of Universal Medicine Modalities. Presenter of Esoteric Yoga and True Wellbeing sessions. Local Hospice Volunteer, as part of the Complementary Practitioner team.

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