An over-active mind or at-one with the body’s movement

An over-active mind or at-one with the body’s movement

An over-active mind or at-one with the body’s movement

How familiar is it to move around throughout our days, completely unaware of any real connection with the body? The mind distracted by a trillion other things – the endless ‘to do’ list, what was not done last week, what we’re having for our next meal, planning a vacation, what’s needed for various events over the coming months.

Too often our accepted and normal way of living is to worry about something in the future or the past and with the endless conversations repeating over and over in the head we rarely pause to consider the harm caused in the body when the mind is running amok.

There is another way to be rather than caught in the trap of the continuous energy of mental chatter – those thoughts that can be going on irrespective of physically doing something or not.

It is possible to become more aware of the body from the inside out and less ruled by the imposing mental energy – with the mind and body moving together as one unit, in union, an integration of both, rather than two separate parts.

The constant motion of thoughts (and resulting emotions scattering all over the place) completely overrides any signals the body may be communicating that something is amiss. When we continue to live in this separated existence, the body can go into overwhelm, insecurity, panic or stress. Sound familiar?

Is this not a complete waste of energy that is both depleting and exhausting on the body?

One thing that is an absolute certainty – wherever we go, our body is always with us physically. What state the body is in, is the question … separated from any sense of our movements or in focus and connection within; aware of the quality of movement in everything we are doing.

With mental projection we can move way ahead or behind of what is physically possible in reality. When we are daydreaming and consequently checking out, there will always be a drain on the body as we are not with the present moment – with ourselves.

Bringing the mind to focus on the physical body and its movements is the first step towards a deeper level of inner connection with yourself. At first it may feel alien and somewhat challenging to bring all our focus to a moment of pause by simply observing the action of sitting down.

The following short audio can be used at any time, offering the opportunity to stop the momentum of rushing around physically or to lessen the incessant mind chatter. Allow your mind to stay in connection with your breath and movements with the awareness on the movement from standing to sitting and feel the body settle.

Every step now offers the opportunity of building upon this new foundation of conscious presence. The incessant chatter and imagined escapes begin to fall away as you allow your mind to stay in connection with your movements. Your movements become what you are present with.

Preparation: Have a straight-backed chair for support, such as a dining room chair ready to sit on, ensuring that the soles of your feet can touch the floor and your hips are slightly higher, or at least level with your knees as you sit ... If required, place a pillow or cushion under your feet and behind your back for support.

Let’s bring focus to that moment of pause now …

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A moment of pause

This 9-minute audio brings the body into simple movements that allow us to leave the ceaseless chatter of an overactive mind. Please just take a seat…

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  • By Stephanie Stevenson, Esoteric Yoga presenter, Esoteric Modalities Practitioner, EPA Recognised

    Complementary Practitioner of Universal Medicine Modalities. Presenter of Esoteric Yoga and True Wellbeing sessions. Local Hospice Volunteer, as part of the Complementary Practitioner team.

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