Giving up the trying to be better in life

Not feeling fulfilled? Give up trying to be better… and surrender!

Giving up the trying to be better in life

In life, do we approach what we do with an attitude of ‘trying’ to be better or improve ourselves – the new diet or latest trend, self improvement book or course, exercise or yoga program – or can we simply surrender to something far more consistent and steady within us?

It’s common in life for the approach to be from the ‘outside in’, that is we go out to get what we think or believe will leave us feeling fulfilled. Yet what if true and lasting change does not come from what we do but rather from a re-connected way of 'being' with ourselves – that then inspires what we do?

What does that look like you ask?

Simple choices have a profound effect on the quality we end up living with; from a re-connected way of being with the body we develop a deeper relationship with what we feel and therefore a deeper relationship with ourselves. With greater body awareness we can feel the effects our everyday choices have on us, such as the food we eat, the amount of sleep we get, the quality of our thoughts and energy levels… and the joy (or not) we live with. Our bodies are communicating all of this and more to us 24/7.

Can we simply surrender to that which we feel in our bodies? Allowing ourselves to observe and not judge, to approach all that is felt with an openness and sense of exploration as we may remember we did as a child?

What might we re-discover when we allow the space to ‘be’ – unencumbered by those thoughts that we think we need to be different or better or anywhere other than right here, right now?

This is the opportunity an Esoteric Yoga class allows for.

There is an honesty within the body that can be connected to, and with the focus on being with the body and what is felt – rather than on the outward movement or postures as such – the movement is initiated from that inward connection.

From this simple movement there is openness – an expansion and space to explore the body in a deeper way.

In this audio clip, Esoteric Yoga presenter Deanne Voysey shares what she has observed in class – what is offered to us when we let go of trying to be better and instead surrender to our bodies.

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Giving up the trying to be better in life

"We must go in, in order to go out.
We must deepen, in order to expand.
We must connect and love ourselves deeply, in order to connect and love others deeply."

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  • By Deanne Voysey

  • By Rosanna Bianchini, BA Hons, Complementary therapies practitioner, EPA Recognised

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