Your source of energy as a key to diet and weight loss

Your source of energy as a key to diet and weight loss

Your source of energy as a key to diet and weight loss

What we connect to affects everything in our life.

We usually associate connection with the internet: we seldom associate connection with the body, and we virtually never associate it with diet and weight loss.

What is it we are connecting to? Where the body is concerned, we have simply two qualities of energy. It may sound limited in choice, and indeed it is.

We can call one source prana, a very basic form of life force and the other fire, for that is what they feel like in the body. Being in prana can feel heavy and a struggle, or it can momentarily feel euphoric and blissful, especially after a bar or two of chocolate and a glass or two of wine, whereas fire can feel like a lightness and ease in the body. It is always the body that gets to feel the outplay of our choices, whatever they may be. Both these energies can feel right in the moment, however there is a real difference between the quality of each energy and there is a huge difference in the impact on the body. For example, many feel anxious or tired but do not relate it to what they may have eaten or drunk.

"Yes, prana actually harms. WHY? It harms because it creates a further separation from the soul, and deep within, we all crave the forgotten love we separated from – the love of the soul – the body of God we were originally made of."

Serge Benhayon The Way of Initiation, ed 1, p 444

What source of energy we choose is crucial to our body, for when we choose fire, we are choosing the love that resides innately within; when we choose prana we are wading in a source that is not innate to us, because it is not who we are.

When we choose to connect to fire, we feel very different in our body, a feeling of at-one-ment.

If we choose fire, this supports us to be responsive to our body. For example, with fire as our source of energy, we are much more likely to choose foods and drinks that support our body to maintain a healthy weight and to feel vital.

Our brain is like a computer. It is not intelligent in and of itself. It is simply the hardware that processes the information it connects to and brings into consciousness. The source of energy we connect to is the crux of what influences everything we do thereafter, including all our thoughts and choices, including food.

Everything is energy

. . . as demonstrated by Albert Einstein in his famous equation, E=mc2

And therefore, everything is because of energy[1]

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How the Soul and Spirit run the body

Understanding what a true body can be like and exploring the difference between the energy of the Spirit and the Soul in our body.

Connection to prana or fire is our choice. If we don’t choose fire and make that our constant, then by default we get prana.

Why choose prana for your body when you can have the highest quality of energy available to you?

Choosing fire supports us to make more self-caring food and drink choices, which in turn would support us to maintain a healthy body weight, without dieting. For example, we can use the Gentle Breath Meditation® to connect, then it is up to us to build the quality of that throughout our day. Building the quality of this connection is building fire in our bodies, and the greater the focus is, the deeper we can go with it.

Why? Because fire is the spark we have already within us all; it is deep within our physical make-up as human beings. To choose the source of energy already within us connects us to the vastness of who we are, and a depth of loving quality we can live in full. The spark of fire inside us all holds everything we are and can be.

The connection to our body is instant, whether we choose prana or fire. Connection can support us with weight loss, without dieting, when fire is our chosen energy source.


  • [1]

    Serge Benhayon, An Open Letter to Humanity, ed 1, p 3

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