Most cancers are almost completely preventable

It seems cancer is preventable and the toxic drugs are nearly a bizarre thing of the past.

Most cancers are almost completely preventable

“Most cancers are almost completely preventable” ~ Dr Thomas Seyfried

In this engaging and revealing fifty-minute interview, pathfinder Neurologist Dr David Perlmutter and researcher and extensively qualified and experienced Dr Thomas Seyfried discuss a new way of preventing and treating cancers. This new way is essentially a very old way of living that has been lost during the past century as the global diet careened away from wholesome foods to processed foods laden with sugars and carbohydrates. The result of this crazy lifestyle is rampant ill health that can so easily be avoided.

As Dr Perlmutter says (despite decades of research and investment into cancer), “We are not making a whole lot of progress . . . and it is a real mess we have got ourselves into.”

Why would we expect to make progress when the cause of the problem is being ignored and when so few health practitioners are angling for wholesale change, as these two eminent practitioners are doing?

If you are interested in wellbeing, cancer and nutrition then this interview is worth watching. Even if one gets a little boggled by their conversational tangents into biochemistry, it is a must view video.

Dr Seyfried says “We are still dealing with cancer as if it is a genetic disease. We still use very toxic remedies (chemotherapy and radiation) to treat cancer. We are not using remedies that we know enhance the quality of life.”

Tumour cells need glucose (a carbohydrate that is the most important simple sugar in human metabolism). When the respiratory system of the cell is damaged (by toxic foods or a toxic environment), for that cell to continue to live, that cell’s mitochondria need an alternative energy source and without glucose and glutamine, the tumour cells will otherwise die.

Not to oversimplify what these doctors are saying, as the finely designed and highly tuned body needs more than a ‘single silver bullet’ type of solution – one thing seems sure: sugar and high carbohydrate diets are like manna from heaven for the otherwise energy-starved tumour cells.

On the other hand, a ketogenic diet (higher in quality fat/ low in net carbs) will not provide the energy sources for tumour cells to thrive. What the good doctors are saying here is that the ketogenic diet enhances normal cells and starves out tumour cells.

In Turkey and Egypt, where human tests are ‘less restricted’ by the health authorities, the treatment of cancers with a ketogenic diet, supplemented by fasting, plus perhaps a boost of hyperbaric oxygen and some non-toxic drugs (that restrict glucose and glutamine), have together had very encouraging results as enthused by Dr Seyfried. He uses the words “spectacular . . . earth shattering . . . incomprehensible results” to describe that progress so the world will await further confirmation. But these two doctors stress it is not a case of one size fits all – each cancer patient will need a custom-built, strategically crafted version of these multiple plays (of diet, procedures and nontoxic drugs), none of which involve toxic chemotherapy or radiation.

The doctors also stress that “glucose and glutamine substances provide the basis of a perfect storm for the human body.”

As Dr Seyfried says “It is very unlikely you will get cancer if your mitochondria (organelles that are the digestive system of the cell – that create energy for the cell) are healthy.” Health comes from lifestyle which amongst other functions includes a ketogenic diet (high in good fats/ low in net carbs), some regular fasting (cleansing) and by getting our physiology back to what it once was, away from the bombardment of sugar and other forms of carbohydrates.

It is all about energy. Einstein said it. These two doctors are saying it is about energy and Serge Benhayon has gone one step further to famously say – “Everything is energy and everything is because of energy.”

The energetic bombardment of the body’s cells by sugar and carbs feeds the cell processes that support tumour growth and proliferation with significantly increased breakdown of glucose and lactic acid fermentation rather than normal cell respiration pathways. This process plays right into the hands of tumour cells looking for an alternative energy source than the oxygen that these tumour cells are being deprived of due to the damaged (tumour) cellular respiratory functions. “What happens when you deprive tumour cells of glucose and glutamine? They die.”

Unlike other species on the planet, humans have created a demand for stimulating/'tasty', convenient food that is laden with salt, fats and carbohydrates.

The largely irresponsible food industry, driven by greed and supported by complicit health industry professionals (with a few exceptions like Perlmutter and Seyfried), have met this demand. They have been waved on by negligent governments and have supplied a processed food chain that is too tasty for the citizens to resist. Taste and stimulation are offered at the expense of nutrition. “Pleasurable taste” carried by processed foods has been adversely reconfiguring our energy metabolism during the past century.

The disastrous results are everywhere to be seen and felt, as the quality of living erodes with dire economic, relationship and health consequences.

But to be sure, it is even more than what these pathfinder doctors are revealing here – how can it be that we have allowed this great food deception to take hold? No other in the animal kingdom can be thus duped. A deception that is costing hundreds of billions of dollars (probably trillions of dollars), when our very own sixth sense – what we feel and know innately – is a beacon for us to not consume these alien, processed, high carb and sugar-laced foods?

The good doctors have stopped short of the ultimate messaging – The Four Pillars of Evolution (Awareness, Connection, Reading and Transparency) – that offer a path for the evolution of Mankind, which is a path of return to the ways of The Ageless Wisdom, which would never advocate the diets common to most of Mankind today.

Einstein, Perlmutter, Seyfried and Benhayon all have it right – it is about energy. Serge Benhayon, impulsed by the teachings of The Ageless Wisdom, takes this further – it is about a quality way of life that he regularly refers to as The Way of The Livingness – about living as our true selves. It is how the Soul would live on Earth because that is who we truly are. Benhayon called it out many years ago – it is not about genetics.

Dr Seyfried agrees and concludes: “Most cancers are almost completely preventable.”

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