Developing Livingness

The most important thing is that you are worth taking care of. And the best person that can take care of you, in exactly the way you need, is You!

Taking care of yourself comes out in all sorts of ways:

  • the way you eat

  • the way you exercise

  • the way you view medicine

  • the way you live, as a woman or as a man

  • the way you take care of yourself

In fact, it is possible that your whole life can be from such a loving, deeply caring way towards yourself, that you feel all-filled-up.

Why run on a cup half empty, or even half-full?!!! Our cups spill over!!!

Do little kids look like they are half empty? As they run around laughing and having fun? No Way!

Developing the livingness is easy – we simply start to take care of ourselves, and live from the inner-most out.

Read here of everyday people who have brought the livingness into all aspects of their lives. They show us how simple it is, and how profoundly it can change our lives.

"We are already amazing in many ways you have yet to even imagine, we just have to know we truly are and let ‘that’ out for the amazingness to simply be. "

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings and Revelations - A New Study for Mankind
p 289

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