Sound and living cells – the science of sound

Sound And Living Cells – the Science of Sound

Sound and living cells – the science of sound

Sound energy is a vibration that has an incredible, under-rated power to create and destroy. Sound calls forth patterns in matter. It determines harmony and disharmony. It enables things to resonate together or to clash. It affects everything from atoms, molecules and cells to entire ecosystems, at not just the physical level but also the non-physical, on an energetic level. Wherever there is matter, sound can travel through it.

Sound and Us

  • Have you ever been near a forest fire? The roar goes right through your body!
  • Have you heard of glass breaking when singers hit the highest notes?
  • Have you ever felt sick when a very low, almost inaudible sound vibration came from a machine? Or nervous and anxious after an emergency siren has gone past you?
  • Has an unfamiliar, instrumental song ever brought you to tears or made you feel exalted?

It's not the memory or associations of words, it's the sound pattern itself affecting your emotions and or feelings, and vibrating the cells and organs of your body.

As water is matter, sound makes patterns in water though they are mostly invisible to us. Our bodies are mostly water (ranging from 60 – 75%), our cells are mostly water, so obviously sound is going to make patterns in the water of our cells and bodies too. Because the patterns in water are very important to the biological processes that go on inside cells and tissues, sound affects us more powerfully and deeply than we realise.

Not only does sound from the outside affect us, but sound from the inside too; our heart beat, the sound of our breath and our throat vibrating when we speak or sing.

Listen to a revelatory audio that reveals that the vibration of music carries an energy with it which is not only heard but also deeply vibrates through our body.

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  • By Dianne Trussell, BSc(Hons); 17 years in medical and biological research, co-author of 12 peer-reviewed scientific publications.

    Science is the love of my life, and for me it confirms Divine beauty, intelligence, and wisdom. I’ve always felt science to be one with philosophy, religion, art, and music, part of the oneness I feel with everything.

  • Photography: Clayton Lloyd