The new genetics and Science of Divine Religion

The new genetics and Science of Divine Religion

The new genetics and Science of Divine Religion

“In the New Era we are to understand that the consciousness of the spirit lives from one incarnation to the next and that the DNA of the forming embryo already comes with the experiences of all lives lived.
When this is truly understood, it will give a whole new meaning to responsibility and thus it will lead to our greatest new subject for our future times – the subject of ENERGETIC INTEGRITY.”

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 703

That our bodies comprise of DNA is common knowledge, yet still taken for granted at this time of our world.

When the eventual isolation of what makes a human occurred in the Northern Hemisphere’s spring of 1953, there were many others who recognised the inner workings of the human element: Gregor Mendel, Frederich Miescher, James Watson, Francis Crick, Linus Pauling, Rosalind Franklin and numerous others helped to develop the common picture of the DNA we have today.

Yet, the ancients knew the untold symbolism of the amazing Science of the inner workings of the human body.

Regrettably, we don’t even know exactly how the magnificent ancient temples and monuments were actually built. A long-awaited visit to the Pyramid in Giza, Egypt, confirms that it is not an ordinary structure by any means.

The universal symbolism of the coiled serpent that every Physician places their oath on likely dates back well before the time of the Christ: some have suggested as far back as the ancient Greek or even the distant Mesopotamian times. Its resemblance to the coils of DNA is not likely to be coincidental, otherwise why would Physicians use the deadly snake anyway?

Like the ancient monuments, there are many other symbolisms of the ancients we also take for granted because their true meanings and origins have forever been lost from our collective human memory.

As we continue to enjoy our daily lives with all the routine rituals of human life such as making lunches for our children, shopping, holidaying and so on, global research consortiums continue to unravel the intricate microcosmic world of the DNA, such as the ENCODE (Encyclopedia of DNA Elements) project.

Contrary to the ‘revolutionary’ theory of the early 1990’s when our best doctors and researchers deeply held as the ‘Gods’ of the DNA told us that at least 60% of our DNA was “meaningless junk”, this is no longer true as scientific understanding advances. Every part of our human DNA has an as yet undefined role to play. As the genetic pedigree techniques improve, we can see more than ever before that no person is an isolated island. We all share a fragmented part of the global humanity carried on through the centuries.

In this era, the public at large are continually challenged by conflicted accounts of what constitutes ‘evidence’ or ‘truth’ or even ‘facts’. The best ‘medical’ journal is the publication that has the highest ‘impact factor’, which is the calculated measure of repetition by people who rely on the information for furthering a viewpoint.

By fact, people rely on what is written in the New York Times, The Straits Times, Sydney Morning Herald or the Courier Mail more than the actual observation.

Whether it is the case of having the right knowledge or not, how we acquire information becomes the ultimate bar of superiority that separates one person from the other. To procure the ‘privileged knowledge’, a person must be either born or inherit the right in rem so as to exclude all others in the world of such knowledge. Alternatively, the person can pursue several decades of life by becoming a student of learning through the renowned institutions of education.

Honoured by the privilege enjoyed by a few millions, PhDs and Doctorates are considered the pinnacle of the society’s inheritance that guarantees a person’s part in controlling the creation’s circulation and dissemination of a specific knowledge. If the person lacks the social advantage, material wealth, personal connections or super-human motivation to pursue learning, then the privilege of knowledge is bypassed.

Unfair one may say? Intelligence with its fruit of knowledge is the bar that separates each human.

Talking with an elderly patient in his mid-eighties who had lived through the Great Depression, the Second World War and the Cold War etc, his astute recollection is as vivid and factual as any great encyclopedia. While books and journals offer the historical narrative of what had been recorded and circulated, this retired dockside worker described how the society lived at the level of a neighbourhood, or the local pub, or the docks where the dead bodies arrived for their families and the newly recruited soldiers left for the battlefront.

Likewise, every living human carries the imprint of the human and extra-human life lived. Herein, the ‘extra’ bit is what makes a person to either adopt the bar of separation between him or her and another person. While the DNA is shared in structure alone, each content is uniquely distinct and identifies the person as one ‘individual’.

Whatever has originated the extra-human, it is cunningly intelligent.

The negative connotation is because the separation at the macrocosmic scale though is the Great World War, the global epidemic of ‘incurable’ rapes and slavery of men and women, the unmitigated explosion of mental illness and degenerative diseases that incrementally sabotage every public health strategy by PhDs and doctorates that attempt for a sustainable prevention of the global trend.

The offered prophecy by Serge Benhayon is exceptional because he foretells of the future era where every embryo will be represented by the cumulative effects of the extra-human contribution to what makes a human.

While Science continues to experiment with the epigenetics through gene modification, splicing and twin studies, we now know we are what the DNA makes us, which is confirmed by epigenetics.

Environment either magnifies the ‘inevitable’ or conceals the effect.

Beyond the DNA and its coils of molecules that makes it, Benhayon sees everything we do and live affects the very composition of how the body is formed and lived. It is a collective summation of the ultimate Epigenetics of Energetic Responsibility and Energetic Integrity.

“All in all, and openly considered, at this juncture of our cyclical path around the Sun, we are in the midst of a glaring and very obvious deep analysis and thorough examining, questions that ask whether we are or whether we are not doing ourselves a great disservice to the point of stunting our evolution by insisting that all claims require the demands of a conspired and very much concocted type of ‘evidence based science’, a form of money and kudos controlled ‘science’ and ‘evidence’ that equally relies on a very limited, restrictive and hence controlled and manipulated form of the meaning of the words 'evidence' and 'science' which in turn also requires a very energetically immature and energetically backward and ignorant set of rigours known as ‘randomised trials’ which themselves are the subject of manipulation and utter ignorance of the real and age-old factors that actually constitute human life and the energetic world we live in.”

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume II, ed 1, p 155

Humanity is confronted by a collective paradigm that can either be challenged or denied, yet there is no concerted effort for compromise or reconciliation. Either a person is a proponent of the ‘evidence’ based on the rules of our Science, or the proponent of the ‘alternative view’, which could be a death sentence in a society where such alternative view is disallowed.

What Benhayon presents expands beyond what is increasingly concluded by global scientific and medical experts. While the regulatory bodies, academic institutions and leading publications of Science and Medicine uphold the ‘evidence base’, retrospective review of data show there are always critical pitfalls and errors in sampling, data collection, analysis and even interpretative conclusions.

Attendance at regular international meetings attended by 20,000 or more experts over the past two decades confirms while scientific studies and their results offer support for what is at the level of practicality, such as saving/sustaining a human life, neither the evidence nor the evidence base is yet to amend or explain the extra-human element that separates one human from another.

For example, why is one person so uniquely different from another? Yes, the statistics makes sense, yet why the difference in one person improving on a placebo and the other worsening on the active pill? And why is one person far more intelligent still able to self-abuse the body through substance abuse and general lack of care, and the other less intelligent by the standards of academic achievements has access to remarkable sources of wisdom and lived intelligence? Finally, why no single scientific advance is yet to ‘solve’ the individual ills of accidents, trauma, diseases and wars when humanity is offered more material resources, universities and experts than ever before?

The list goes on for chronic alcoholism, illicit drug abuse, repeated juvenile sexual offences, bipolar affective disorder, different dementia, inflammatory autoimmune diseases, non-obstructive cardiomyopathies, rarer forms of leukemias and that terrible scourge of solid organ cancers from breast, thyroid, lung, colon, ovary, melanoma, etc.

“In time, all I have taught, and will teach to my last breath this time around, science will prove as being the absolute truth. That said, and its unnecessary time factor delaying the already known destiny, the fact of it being the absolute truth can be found now in the human being and in daily life everywhere.”

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 699

Benhayon engenders a vision for the future of our world that is stupendous, remarkable and divinely possible. Like every school child now knows, the world is a sphere rotating at a remarkable speed and there are trillions and trillions of stars, he offers a timely tap on our shoulder to reawaken our multidimensional divine intelligence to the present–future.

‘Present–future’ is the timelessness of science that is the experience of every human that knows the truth from their human-ness.

When offered opportunity to remove the bar of separation that holds every person back from knowing their truths, every child or ‘ordinary’ person knows the grandness of the universe, even though truth expressed is not through complex mathematical equations or ten thousand words essays…

The best doctors and scientists were once babies that wore diapers and had to rely on the natural instinct and intuition of another in his or her mother to survive.

Yet the baby developed exponentially through the divine Science we don’t even comprehend: more signalling molecules are discovered that regulate the formation of tissue and organs while we don’t even know the inner workings of the energy of creation that drives them. And millions are born every year to make the 7.7 billion people world to be one gigantic worldly community.

The next evolution of Science is to go beyond and farther than the physical to understand the inner workings of the extra-human element: to unconceal the bar of separation in intelligence and knowledge behind the human, and to understand ill energies keep people apart and separate from who they are. Plus, aligning to the divine multidimensional intelligence helps us unite as one and understand the universe all equally because the Divine Religion is also the Science of Divine Religion.

The future prophesied by Benhayon transcends the limit of our global suffering and helps return humanity to its true potentials.

“The New Era is the time for man to learn about the energetic truth of all things. Slowly and slowly man will realise that the New Era is the era that – “All shall be revealed unto thee.”

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 705

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