The reductionism of evidence-based science, and its restoration through prophecy

Evidence-based science is at a crucial point not yet ready to address

The reductionism of evidence-based science, and its restoration through prophecy

"Immediate prophecy and revelation:

All in all, and openly considered, at this juncture of our cyclical path around the Sun, we are in the midst of a glaring and very obvious deep analysis and thorough examining, questions that ask whether we are or whether we are not doing ourselves a great disservice to the point of stunting our evolution by insisting that all claims require the demands of a conspired and very much concocted type of ‘evidence based science’, a form of money and kudos controlled ‘science’ and ‘evidence’ that equally relies on a very limited, restrictive and hence controlled and manipulated form of the meaning of the words 'evidence' and 'science' which in turn also requires a very energetically immature and energetically backward and ignorant set of rigours known as ‘randomised trials’ which themselves are the subject of manipulation and utter ignorance of the real and age-old factors that actually constitute human life and the energetic world we live in."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume II, ed 1, p 155

Modern evidence-based science is at a crucial point, one that it is not yet ready to acknowledge or fully address.

The current, deemed gold standard of rigorously controlled experiments and analysis of data exerts an inescapable hold over medicine, psychology, education, economics, politics and hence all society. It has influenced the way we think about ourselves and placed a lens over the way we perceive and understand life.

Our belief and conviction in evidence-based science plays out no differently to the belief and conviction humanity once held towards religion.

At this juncture it is science that provides modern humanity with a comforting reassurance that all is in hand, and that it is only a matter of time before solutions are found to our health, environmental and societal catastrophes. The problem with this conviction is that it blinds us to the many obvious failures of science.

Bias, corruption, fraud, pressure to publish, misinterpretation of results, alarmingly incorrect extrapolation, concealed conflicts of interest and the abject failure of peer review are devastating the authority and credibility of science.

More importantly and crucially, these problems are producing errors that cause harm to people. However, most scientists (the most aggressive end of the spectrum being the hard-core rationalist scientists known as sceptics) are defenders of the faith of science and cannot see these problems as anything more than minor glitches that will be solved by the process of science itself.

So far the problems have not been solved. And these moral, ethical and technical problems are in truth only the tip of a very ill iceberg.

Science has never before faced such an intense barrage of criticism from within its own ranks. Some of its chief critics are highly credentialled scientists who have written and presented evidence-based communiques about what they see as the derailment of science to comply with agendas and to maximise funding, publication and career advancement. The scientists who are willing to be so vocal do so at great professional (and personal) risk, because success in science, like most human activities, depends on conformity to the status quo. Challenge the ‘way it is’ and you risk exclusion from projects and the denial of funding and publication. A successful scientific career is utterly dependant on all three; without them you can no longer function as a scientist. A rare handful survive their outspokenness on the basis of already well established reputations and authority, but their career is made as difficult as possible.

Other vocal critics are ‘outsiders’ to the scientific system. Some are scientists who have removed themselves from the inflexible model of how science must be done. Others are ‘lay’ people who have been personally harmed by science or have observed the harm it has caused to others or the world. This group sense the appalling impact of the reductionism of modern evidence-based science. They know that the application of the scientific method to artificially contrived, preconceived conditions (experimentation) bears no relationship to what is actually true in life. Their arguments however are founded on hurt and emotion and so are too easily written off as irrational, inconsequential and pseudoscientific – a convenient term created by sceptics to shelve any argument they do not agree with.

The problem is that neither group of critics have freed themselves from the consciousness against which they fight. No matter how eloquently, accurately and how well referenced their arguments are, they are ensnared in an unwinnable tussle against the intelligence to which they have also completely subscribed. This is the intelligence that has diminished us to mechanical/physiological objects bound by gravity to a physical/mechanical world. This intelligence deviously hides itself in the convolutions of the finely-honed, scientifically trained human mind, and makes itself the only intelligence worth having. It is a corruption that produces the worst kind of reductionism – a view of humanity and the world that is devoid of energy, sensitivity, awareness, energetic integrity and energetic responsibility. Multidimensionality is anathema to this mind – a mind that must pin life to objective measures and can only conceive of that which is scientifically plausible.

It need not be this way, for in truth there is no ideological war to be won, no side to be taken. Such debates are mere distraction from truth. What is actually called for is the humbleness to examine the outplay of science in real life and to ask the simple question: “is it working?”

The quote that opens this article is a point of correction offered to science. It is time for science and its proponents to reconsider what they are doing and to ask the simple question, “is it working?” It is equally offered to all of humanity. It is also time for us all to reconsider our relationship to science. It is very easy to blame the scientific community for the mess we have made of human health, the environment and the economy. What is less appealing is to deeply examine the convenient disempowerment we have entertained, giving license for science to become the bastion of supremacy and ignorant arrogance and lead us willingly into the backwater we now occupy. We, through our lack of care and commitment to Truth, have given free rein to a form of science that has plausibly excused us of the responsibility to live as the Divine beings we truly are.

This is where the seer emerges – the one who has dedicated themselves to the development of a living way that is as free of reductionism as is possible in our human plane of existence.

The seer, by living the multidimensional wisdom that is available to all (yet chosen by so few), holds all in this world in relation to Universal Truth. In this beholding, the gap between how we have been influenced to live and the truth of who and what we truly are is starkly revealed. The horrific extent to which we have reduced ourselves and the hand science has played in this travesty is clear for all who are ready to see it.

Serge Benhayon is the seer of our era. He has arisen above the complex mire of rationality and its disconnected intellectual supremacy. He has reached profound depths of connection to his body and being. As such he delivers the simplicity of multidimensional intelligence that penetrates the seemingly insoluble problem.

Are we willing to be so humble as to heed the prophecy? Are we willing to consider from our own experience whether evidence-based science is serving anything other than itself?

Regardless of the current recalcitrance of science to truly seek answers to its manifold problems and failures, the future is not so grim. This current era will be looked back upon as one of great importance – the time when not only was a warning correction offered to science, the way forward was given too.

"Science has its place in our evolution back to God, and one day, it will in fact be science and not religion that proves the Ageless Wisdom to be the truth of all things. In regards to this prophecy, the forerunners in the fields that will lead to such truths are: the medical and biological science of Epigenetics and the energetic based science of quantum physics. This will or can occur, so long as ‘they’, that is, those who are the exponents of these subjects, are impulsed first by their inner-heart and thus need not the identification with what they do and instead use what they do to serve mankind in-truth and not for self or self glory.

Hence, and most prophetically, the world-wide recognition and thus acceptance of the great Divine truths that are given from Shamballa by the ascended Masters, will come to be scientifically demonstrated and thus eventually proven by an esoteric connected academic, who will sooner, if not later, reveal what is here said as the accepted truth.

What lies before us if we do not stop and begin to realise that the root cause of all illness and disease comes from the energy of the astral plane and, that such spiritual etheric energy is the cause of all emotional conditions and thought in the body? – More and more of the already horrendous statistics, and lesser and lesser will be the true life of all such ill-informed and hence ill-aligned human beings."

Serge Benhayon The Way of Initiation, ed 3, p 225

It is a fact that we are energy before we are matter, physiology, biochemistry, genetics. All of life and its events are formed in energy before they precipitate into the reality our eyes receive. We have a Soul and its fragment, a spirit. We are the holders of Will that may be aligned to God, to the Divine, or we may hand it over to the force that wants nothing more than our reduction into a lesser form of existence – the lowest point of life in the Universe – a state so low that it has allowed itself to be distracted away from the truth of the magnificence of who and what we truly are.

Science has all that it needs to accelerate our evolution – the return to a Soulful state of being.

To do this it must arise beyond solving its problems (problems seeded in the individual drive of the wanton Spirit) and go to the heart of what is called for so urgently through the manifest suffering on this planet: to seek the energetic Truth and in doing so make itself the receiver of the intelligence and wisdom of the Soul.

"In time, all I have taught, and will teach to my last breath this time around, science will prove as being the absolute truth. That said, and its unnecessary time factor delaying the already known destiny, the fact of it being the absolute truth can be found now in the human being and in daily life everywhere."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Volume I, ed 1, p 699

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