Co-incidence and Synchronicity: is life a matter of luck or chance? Or are we not seeing the forest for the trees?

Are co-incidence and synchronicity just luck or chance? Or is there more to it?

Co-incidence and Synchronicity: is life a matter of luck or chance? Or are we not seeing the forest for the trees?

Is life a matter of luck or chance? I once read a book about coincidence: it certainly opened my eyes to how widespread and well documented the phenomena of coincidence and synchronicity are.

They seem to be natural processes, not just some odd, random anomalies. I’ve had lots of examples of them in my life that were so extremely unusual and unlikely that it piqued my interest to do some further research on the subject instead of just being dismissive.

I looked in the dictionary to see what these words are said to mean:

‘Co-incidence’ = things happening together at the same place and time.

‘Syn-chronicity’ = together at the same time.

There are so many times in day to day life that we experience coincidence and synchronicity, such as:

  • knowing when a friend is about to call you on the phone
  • something unexpectedly turning up exactly when you need it
  • a series of things coming together in a remarkably synergistic flow.

We know how special these moments are, as if the universe has somehow tailored a situation just for us.

However, we often respond by saying: "How curious that was", thus trivializing the event. Or “That was just luck, only a chance event” and dismiss it altogether. Then back to 'reality' we go.

But I ask myself; what is this 'just' and what is this 'only'? And what is this 'reality' we go ‘back’ to?

Have we been dismissing coincidence and synchronicity for too long as if they were merely luck or chance? Are we ignoring and dismissing something important to go back to business as usual?

It seems we lose sight of the fact that when things are happening together at the same place and time, they are truly connected. It’s funny how that’s so simple and logical and yet are we really seeing it?

What if there is a relationship between the coincidental or synchronistic things?

If we consider that to be so, then we open ourselves to the fact that everything is connected and it's telling us something. There is a beautiful, complete forest there to be seen and appreciated, but we allow ourselves to get distracted by the apparent separation of the trees.

What if there is a powerful science right in front of our eyes and we are dismissing it with the 'just' and the 'only' as if it’s not part of our reality?

But hang on a minute, it happened didn't it?

It's therefore part of reality isn't it?

The only thing between us and a direct perception of the science of the universe is the chatter of beliefs in our heads that makes us dismiss and denigrate the magic and wonder behind synchronicity and coincidence.

Scientists also do this often, sticking to some belief or other about how the universe works and missing the amazing connections happening before their own eyes. But that’s starting to change...

Some examples of questions that could be asked are: is it ‘just a coincidence' that every time the sun comes up it gets light? And 'just a coincidence' that every time someone's been angry I feel bad all day? And 'just a coincidence' that every time the ants pick up their babies and move to higher ground a big rain and flood follows? These are obvious examples, but actually connections like these are everywhere, and can be much more subtle though no less significant.

A deeply important example, that’s not apparent in everyday life, is shown in the physics of sub-atomic particles of which we are made.

It turns out that the movements of particles are not random co-incidence or luck or chance. Their behaviour is related; they are connected, communicating and synchronized across the whole universe.

From this universal oneness, the intelligence, rhythm, order and everyday magic of the universe is being displayed up front with no secrets for us to connect to, know, love, explore, appreciate, realize, and elevate ourselves by and with.

So if it’s the chatter of beliefs going through our heads that does not allow us to connect to a greater science that is universal in character and that plays a great role in our lives, what is this chatter? Where did it come from? Why do we listen to it and let it run our choices and our lives?

Could it be that there are forces in this world that are afraid of our being connected, present and knowing? They are very good at promoting the chatter in our heads and influencing life and thought to keep things their way, but do we have to allow fear to keep us distracted from the truth? To keep us stuck in ignorance and denial of the awesome and aware beings we are, connected with and understanding everything in the awesome and aware universe we're part of? As if we don't have a natural right to knowing through feeling our connection with all of it?

Who or what stands to gain by our dismissing the signs in front of us every moment? What if we all chose to ignore the controlling chatter in our heads? And what if, when we see coincidences and synchronicity, we allow ourselves to expand our awareness, check that we are present with our bodies in the moment and open ourselves to what's really going on in the space all around and through us?

We can choose to really start connecting to, appreciating and pondering what is being shown us by the no-secrets science of space in this divine universe, being given to us freely every moment.

We can expand our knowing and understanding of the relationships within and all around us when we open ourselves up to observing and enjoying coincidence and synchronicity. It's all there 'just' waiting for us!

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