The scientific myth of randomness

The scientific myth of randomness

The scientific myth of randomness

Many modern scientists provide a consistent message to humanity that everything we can observe in the Universe, including all of Nature and even the process of human evolution, is a result of the random inter-actions of physical matter that somehow combine to formulate not only a cohesively functioning human body, but whole solar systems and galaxies in a pattern that seems to infinitely replicate itself. This stance has been reinforced by the academic world for centuries now, so it’s easy to see how the notion of a random Universe has been promulgated throughout the scientific community, with differing views typically being met with staunch criticism.

The idea that life in the Universe and all the particles that have cohesively and repetitively united in a coordinated, energetic and physical form could be the result of some unguided and accidental alignment seems not only to be almost statistically impossible, but also one that spawns a nihilistic viewpoint, where life has no meaning and purpose.

It is difficult for one to include a Divinely purpose-full God in a Universe that is supposedly the by-product of randomly un-guided movements and formulations of energy and matter. The ramifications of a purpose-less and God-less Universe hold the potential to create in society not only a ‘given-up’ attitude towards life, but one in which self-indulgence and gratification at the expense of others and one’s own body are the norm.

If there is no divine order, meaning and purpose to the way the Universe is working, then it is easy to see how people would resort to this view of life. One can almost hear these people say “What’s the point, anyway? I might as well live it up, have fun, and party ‘till I drop!” In addition, because of this atheistic and nihilistic philosophy held by most of our scientific and academic community, the standpoint that there does not exist an after-life or reincarnation further supports the people who look to these so-called experts to let go of any responsibility to see how they live their lives as critical to the evolution of humankind, but instead adopt a more self-centred and care-less way of existence. For if everything is random and meaningless anyways, how can one truly make a difference?

But what if every-thing that happens is a result of an energy that made it happen and has at its essence a most meaning-full and coordinated source?

If everything that manifests is the result of the random combinations of quantum and molecular particles, how could the human body (which is comprised of approximately 7 billion, billion, billion atoms[1]) consistently develop from the combination of a single sperm and egg into a complex organism with literally trillions of differentiated cells (with a myriad of intra-cellular organelles), that are all working behind the scenes to coordinate every single metabolic function, and on some level know which one will be, for example, a liver, blood, brain or kidney cell as each cell dies and is regenerated, some in a few days and others in a number of years? In essence, it’s as if we get a whole new body during this period of cellular rejuvenation.

When one considers how all the plant and animal organisms on the planet are displaying this same kind of consistent order in the way they develop and control all the chemical and physical functions of their bodies, it’s easy to appreciate how there may exist some kind of energetic template that coordinates it all to work with such precision and consistency. Observing how there are so many relationships found in Nature that work harmoniously and many times symbiotically with other organisms in their living environments – on both a micro and global scale – the probability of this all occurring by chance seems staggeringly implausible.

Another marvel in Nature that is typically chalked up to coincidence by the scientific community is the way that the size of the Moon and the ratio of its distance both to the Earth and to the Sun make it perfectly align to provide us with the amazing astronomical phenomenon we know as a total solar eclipse. Although solar eclipses occur on other planets in the solar system, due to their greater distance from the sun and larger moons, none parallel the almost statistically impossible alignment as witnessed from Earth. “This happens because although the moon’s diameter is about 400 times smaller than the sun’s, it’s also about 400 times closer. That makes the sun and moon effectively appear to be the same size in the sky”[2], thus creating an alignment during a solar eclipse where both heavenly bodies magically constellate, perhaps showing us another example of the Divine order of the Universe.

There seems to be a real irony here in that the same scientists that so adamantly utilise statistics and probability equations to determine whether a given observation or experiment is proven to be valid, somehow fail to apply these same basic principles to the above-mentioned phenomenon. It seems like there is possibly a deeper reluctance to see the potential truth that there is indeed a Divine Order to our lives, because to do so would disprove the now long held view in science that separates God from Science, even though it would in fact provide the bridge of understanding that explains so much about what we observe in our lives to be from a meaningful and coordinated intelligence.

Imagine for a moment that even those times when a close friend gives you a call the second after their name popped into your awareness and when you really needed them most, it was another example of how nothing is truly random, but that there is indeed a support that is provided – call it the Universe, God, the Force, or a higher Power…

In any event it is showing us how we are super-connected, and that in that connection lives a network of energetic communication that is always pulling us up to the next stage of our evolution, unfolding back to the soulful way of being that is our true, innermost nature. Perhaps it is this interconnected, energetic web – that allows us to feel how a friend across the globe is needing our assistance – that we are attempting to emulate with the World Wide Web we now commonly refer to as the ‘internet’.

When we look at the spiral shapes that follow a very specific mathematical equation of expansion known as the Fibonacci sequence, and are found throughout Nature from objects like Nautilus shells and unfolding ferns to pinecones and even spiral galaxies like our own Milky Way, it is extremely difficult to possibly imagine that this pattern repeats itself all over the Universe by some random act of ‘luck’ or by accident.

But what I see in this is nothing short of a powerful confirmation that there exists a divine energy that flows through everything, including us all, informing it with all the multidimensional intelligence that it needs to not only function, but constantly evolve to the next level of awareness we are being called to honour.


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