A Philosopher’s guide to creation

A philosopher’s guide to creation

A Philosopher’s guide to creation

Perhaps for many, one of the most memorable lines in Forrest Gump was when the lead character said, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get”. If we park aside the fact that the saying suggests we are not in charge of our own choices, therefore “you never know what you’re gonna get” which of course is not true, what we are left with at this stage is a proposition that no matter which chocolate is picked, we still end up with chocolate, just a different kind.

One may draw a praline, a truffle, a caramel delight or a coconut nougat, however, is it not still a chocolate, still made up of cocoa, sugar, often milk, and then just a varying flavour to differentiate it from the pieces that lay beside it?

Enlarging this and taking it into life can support us to see what is truly occurring in our day to day lives on a micro scale, and during our lifespan on a macro scale. On this planet of ours we have so many options and choices to pick from, what with work & studies, family & friends, hobbies & interests, music & books, TV shows & films foods & drinks, cars & bikes, phones & computers, where we live, all the way down to, colour of bedsheets, material of our desks and the frame for our favourite mantelpiece picture – just to name but a few.

When one considers all the different options within these categories and then all the possible combinations between them, there need be no mathematician to declare that the sum is far vaster than what can be comprehended.

… Sounds like a big box of chocolates!

So, and for all intents and purposes, we have a plentiful buffet of choices in life to oblige and cater to, but what if that entire smorgasbord is all from one and the same supplier, the stockist that never ceases to provide and loves nothing more than keeping us as being less than who we are, i.e. in the blissful ignorance of deceiving ourselves to be no more than mere physical human beings and only recognising what our five physical senses perceive whilst negating so much more beyond the physical realm that the body feels and knows.

In the world of mathematics, it is common to use assumptions to formulate a proof of method or formula, so, for a moment, the reader is asked to consider, and perhaps even assume, that there is more to life than what we can see.

If a little introductory proof is needed, Einstein did lay the formula e=mc2 before us, and in doing so showed the world that everything indeed is made up of energy. The e itself standing for ‘energy’, the m standing for ‘mass’ which when broken down into its subatomic levels is found to be made up of what are known as ‘quarks’. These quarks are not something that we can see and observe but something that behaves in a particular manner, hence, the m too ultimately stands for ‘energy’, specifically in movement. The c stands for the speed of light, which when broken down mathematically means the speed of particles – again, ultimately ‘energy’.

After this small digression, where do we stand? At the point of consideration that everything is energy.

The word every-thing here should not be taken lightly.

When observing the world and our society within it, be that on the news, in the paper, talking to a colleague or watching events first hand occur before us, we tend to predominantly focus on what our eyes can see, and our ears can hear. We look at someone driving a car and notice the speed perhaps, the driving style, the noise of the engine etc. We look at someone committing a crime and see a physical body carrying out a physical act that has physical consequences. Even to the smallest example of when we watch someone making a cup of tea and we see hot liquid being poured into a solid cup and can then smell the leaves diffusing in the tea bag.

With our newfound understanding of 'everything is energy', we could say that behind each of the above examples, there is actually much more at play than the mundaneness (or not so in the case of a crime scene) of the physical behaviour.

But what exactly does it mean to say that there is energy behind these actions – every action?

To answer this question, let’s introduce a quote by a sagacious philosopher and modern day presenter of the Ageless Wisdom Serge Benhayon, who expanded and in that complemented Einstein’s e=mc2 and said:

"Everything is energy and therefore everything is because of energy"

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Vol II p185

Let us analyse this for a moment. What Serge has touched upon here is that if indeed everything is first and foremost energy, which it is, then the energy exists way before the physical action or outplay, that we observe with our eyes, takes place. Hence, and consequently, everything we then see and experience in physicality actually has energetic roots which determine what occurs before, during and after it plays out.

This offers many revelations on our living ways as presented by Serge such as:

  • Nothing is an accident, everything matters and nothing is nothing;
  • we are responsible first and foremost for the energetic root we draw our action from rather than what the action looks or sounds like;
  • and that we currently live in the consciousness of a 3-dimensional world which is actually multi-dimensional yet we remain blissfully ignorant to that fact.

That said, whilst these revelations offer us permission to understand and be aware of these facts, it cannot be claimed that we are completely ignorant to the fact that in regard to life there is, to quote the common phrase, “more to it than meets the eye”. These revelations offered by a combination of what Einstein and Serge have shared allow us to see beyond the three dimensions we have become so comfortable with and have made a gospel out of using such contracted and limited life.

There are plenty of examples where we notice and will even speak about the fact that we can feel and sense what is beyond physical occurrence. Here a few:

  • As a young girl you can feel that a guy is sleazy when he is coming onto you. How do you know this? Does the quality of sleaze look a certain way? OR is it that you can sense the quality of energy behind the person's intentions and movements?

  • It is not uncommon for children to sense something is not right with their parents, whether they are just feeling low or might have recently had an argument. They are very perceptive and astute in noticing the shift, even though the parents may be masters of hiding it and putting on a happy face and tone of voice for the children. How come this is possible? Do children bug (microphone up) the house so they can listen in? OR Are they so energetically astute that they can sense the slightest change in the energy of the parent despite the physical pretence?

  • It can probably be safely said that we have all been in a situation, be it in a dark alley late at night or even in our own living room or as children during night when we could sense someone’s disturbing presence or coming to work and instantly getting a sense of the office atmosphere and moods that fill the space even before speaking to anyone. How do we pick this up? Do we really just have gut feelings OR are we far more masterful at this energy ‘thing’ than we let on?

So perhaps here is a good place to recap what has been presented thus far:

  • We have established that Everything is Energy, based on Einstein’s wisdom.
  • We have further established that if everything is energy, then inevitably everything is because of energy, owing to a universal perspective of Serge Benhayon – a man who is an authentic scientist not by educational degree but by God’s divine decree.
  • We then interpolated that, if everything is because of energy, there is an energetic root that each and every physical action comes from.
  • And finally, we saw that we are no strangers to this fact with the examples of everyday situations where we utilise our awareness of energy in life.

Back to Gump’s box of chocolates mentioned at the start of this piece and its relevance to life. We have a box of chocolates and each is different, yet, essentially all are the same, a combination of comfort and the stimulating substance we have come to term, chocolate. So, what if the many actions, movements and choices we have and make in life are also just varying ‘flavours’ of the very same energetic root?

There is much in this world that we have created to suit our multitude of lifestyles where we have given ourselves over to our wants and desires, and in that we have become arrogant as well as ignorant of the awareness of what would/would not actually serve us as a society and from this self-obsessed stance we have created a world overflowing with all our varying flavours of chocolates where we can indulge at a moment’s notice. We get very excited about the ‘box’ as we become so enticed and seduced by the multitude of flavours it offers. We do not pay attention to the limits of its walls, nor how they contain, contract and limit the expression of who we are. In other words, we luxuriate in our own creation rather than seek and embrace what has been on offer since time immemorial in inexhaustible quantities from the space we call the Universe.

As imbecilic as it may sound (and that it surely is), we have created a society where we can get non-stop chocolate for our entire existence. It should be noted here that it is not only the delusions of grandeur that come with money, fame, fortune etc., that give us the indulgence we so desperately seek, it is also the rock bottom of clinical depression, drug addiction and everything in-between that we thrive on and find relief in, as strange as it is from a mere human perspective whereby we would assume that avoiding any suffering would be the logical and sought-after choice. Said simply: the chocolate you may despise is another’s favourite kind.

The word ‘creation’ has been emphasised specifically in the last two paragraphs as it is a necessary and sobering point to make. If all our actions and movements come from a quality of energy first and we are the ones who are responsible for determining that, then surely we are responsible, and therefore accountable for the life we then end up walking.

Said in much simpler terms by Serge Benhayon –

"We are the creators of all that we experience"

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings & Revelations Vol II p441

We have indeed each written our own book of human life – Our Guide to Creation. And they are perfect. Or as perfect as it gets. Collectively we have even created a Creation Encyclopaedia, a vast ocean of tips, props and ‘how-to’s to keep ourselves circulating in this energetically lesser way of being, nonetheless, the one we are attracted to like flies to faeces.

The word perfect is here not used to promote or glorify the guide to creation, far from it, for the guide that we have created is a major contaminator of the space this Universe of ours holds (talking of Global warming!), but rather the purpose is to illuminate the fact that we are the very masters of what we have created, the engineers of a do-it-yourself kind of method for every conceivable situation we encounter within creation to keep us immersed in the spinning (vicious too) cycle of the very same creation. Indeed, we are that chef who has cooked up the overly sour inedible soup and now has to eat it.

The question begs – Why? Why have we created this sphere of life where we are miserable, happy, rich, poor, lonely or popular (all terms very relative and used loosely), yet all the while avoiding the fact that naturally we are much, much grander and far wiser?

When we look at all we have touched on so far, the only possible answer that remains feasible is arrogance filled – Because we can. We have created all our chocolates that we can stuff ourselves with as much as we like, to all appearances without any repercussions. And we enjoy the ‘chocolates’ twice over, not only because of the comfort they provide but also because we are the chocolatier! We had the creating hand in something we find delicious. Is there anything more exciting than creating something yourself? Something you can pride your existence on? Something you can champion as ‘advancing’ and ‘benefiting’ society? We have put ourselves in a box and filled it with treats that gratify our hunger, and this not only distracts us from feeling and seeing the everything we have cut ourselves off from, this also feeds the denial that keeps the whole charade going in its perpetual circular motion.

And most detrimental of all, our creations and the guide we use to navigate our way around this involutionary trajectory keeps us well away from ever seeing and realising the full scope of multidimensionality we originate from. But this comes with a price – an eternal unsettlement – as deep down we cannot escape the knowing that we have left behind the fullness of who we are and are now living as just a mere fragment of that glory, hence the incessant need to make up for the loss by creating a substitute we heavily invest in to numb the unbearable pain and thereby taking pride in our 'power of creation' ignoring the fact that 'our creation' is flawed and corrupt and can never be of the pristine universal harmony and perfection that makes the multidimensionality we live in.

Science on its own can tell us a lot, certainly not everything, but a lot. And science has most definitely shown us that we are a great deal grander than the 3 dimensional human existence we have come to create and champion.

First and foremost, at a subatomic (really small) level we are made up of particles. These particles make up the protons and neutrons that are the foundation of the atom and therefore our very existence in this plane of life. To give an example of the proportion of an atom's make-up, if the nucleus (the very centre) of the atom was enlarged to be the size of a marble, the electrons would be at the perimeter of a football field away – over 100 meters!

That gives a LOT of space in the middle.

So when we shrink that back down and arrange all these atoms to resemble a human being we can see that we are mostly made up of space, and very few parts mass. What this means on an even more technical level is that as a ‘solid’ human being we actually don’t interact with anything on a physical level. The fact that there is so much space (filled with energy) between the nucleus and the outer electrons means that if we are sitting on a chair for example, we are actually not touching it but are hovering above it ever so slightly – the only thing keeping us from merging with the chair being the magnetic repulsion from the electrons in each object/person, yet, we feel the pressure and texture of the chair against our body. If there was ever proof needed that we exchange and interchange with each other and with objects on an energetic level, then here it lays just before you.

On top of the vast amount of space within us, it is also worth touching on the particles that fundamentally make up the very little relative mass we contain.

Particles are not stagnant. They are constantly moving, vibrating, interchanging and exchanging. On a cellular level the human body entirely replaces itself every 7 years, so on a particle level we could confidently say that the entire human body completely replaces itself far quicker than this if we consider that every time we breathe in and out, let alone when we touch objects, swim, walk, run, etc, we are actually taking in and releasing particles.

So with all that, which may be a reminder or refresher for some or completely new knowledge to others, we can see that we live in a world of energy, particles and the physical realm of creation which we have designed to enthral and arrogantly comfort us in our existence.

An interesting point to ponder at this moment: We can identify ourselves by name and behaviour and individualise ourselves, but in truth and in essence we are largely made up of space, and this space does not have colour, creed or religion to differentiate itself from another bit of space, and the little mass we can claim we have is changing so frequently that we do not get a chance to retain any and certainly could not identify ourselves with a certain set of particles.

So, what actually are we? Vehicles of space and energy which are making life a whole lot denser than it truly is.

These vehicles of space which are no different to the stars in the night sky are made from the same space and particles we are, just arranged differently.

In a nutshell, where do we come from?

The Universe.

And now we come back to planet earth, where we, human beings, who are no different to the grandness of the stars, live lives filled with human activities, human interactions, human problems and human dramas. It takes no Sherlock Holmes or Poirot to deduce that something here in this simple mathematical equation is just not right.

War, destruction, death, corruption, murder, rape, torture, suicide, female genital mutilation, starvation, drug abuse, caffeine reliance, sugar addiction, global obesity, bulimia, cancer, diabetes, dementia, mental health disorders, defamation, hate, bitterness, resentment, jealousy, rage, frustration, dishonesty, lack of self-worth, self-flagellation, low confidence and arrogant compensation just to name a few, all run rampant in our sphere of life and are an inescapable part of the selection in our chocolate box… And that, that is the existence we wish to champion?

Call it naïve or utopian if you wish, but looking up at the stars we have a divine existence constantly reflecting to us where we originate from, what we are capable of and what one day, we shall return to.

So dear readers, the time is upon us. Let us all put down our calamitous guides to creation. Let us relinquish ourselves of all our tried and tested, tired methods of navigating ourselves through life merely as humans. It is time for us to leave behind the box altogether. Let’s allow the stars to guide us onward and upward and let us give permission to our particles to show us the way.

Life is rich beyond measure when we don’t play mere human.

Inspired by Universal Medicine’s 2018 Vietnam Retreat Presented by Serge Benhayon and Natalie Benhayon

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