Evolution and creation, not an either/or, but true religion and true science

Evolution and creation, not an either/or, but true religion and true science

Evolution and creation, not an either/or, but true religion and true science

Where do we look for the true meaning of ‘evolution’ today? Do we look to religion, or to science? Or is there another way to look at it?

Originally from the word ‘evolvere’, which means to roll or to turn, the expression ‘to evolve’ came to mean to unroll, to open, to unfold. There is a sense of expansion, cyclic movement and returning. It sounds rather different from the contradictory pictures of evolution that have been presented to us.

The story of evolution is set up to pit religion and science against each other – to keep us all distracted away from the truth. It’s as if we are given option A and option B to choose from, but neither side of the coin is C, the truth.

The Christian religion side of the coin, for example, tells us that God created everything in 7 days. He made the Earth, the plants and animals first, and finished off the job with making a man, Adam, and a woman from him, Eve, to produce the human race in our current form. Christians generally reject scientific physical evolution.

The science side of the coin tells us that the Earth developed as a random physical aggregation from hot cosmic matter and cooled down to the point where molecules developed and started reproducing themselves. The strong ones survived, the weak ones died out, leading to the proliferation of constantly developing and competing life forms we see today. Scientists generally reject creation by a universal conscious being.

There are people who appear to seek truth by trying to make either science or religion the only correct answer, or alternately trying to unify science and religion. There are religious thinkers who are open to the theory of evolution as presented by scientists, and attempt to fit it together with the Bible or whichever holy book they choose. There are scientific thinkers who are open to religious stories of creation by God and attempt to weave it into Darwinian-style evolution. Some people are honest in this pursuit and some are driven by an agenda, perhaps the dogma (be it religious or scientific) that they subscribe to.

But even this effort is a distraction, keeping truth-seekers busy looking in every direction but directly at the truth.

So how about option C? The real story of evolution is way bigger than either religion or science is telling us. And it's way more cool!

The full truth lies neither in current religion's story, nor current science's story. The truth is in the Ageless Wisdom Teachings, which are the origin of both modern religion and modern science.

The Ageless Wisdom presents an all-encompassing understanding of where everything came from, why it's like it is, and why it does what it does. It offers the understanding of the periodic unfolding of a physical universe from an eternal universal conscious being, with evolution of non-physical consciousness underlying its physical expression. Everything that we feel to be true is there: the enormous time scale of movement, the infinite space of an expanding universe, the diversity of forms, and the universal divine consciousness that we all know intrinsically.

If we were to explore the Ageless Wisdom Teachings on evolution, how would that change the way we view ourselves, our origin, purpose and destiny?

“Our real evolution is based on the quality of energy or the quality of the consciousness being expressed.... What defines evolution is not material or physical human development but the energetic quality of our being or beingness.”

Serge Benhayon An Open Letter to Humanity, p 683-685

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  • By Dianne Trussell, BSc(Hons); 17 years in medical and biological research, co-author of 12 peer-reviewed scientific publications.

    Science is the love of my life, and for me it confirms Divine beauty, intelligence, and wisdom. I’ve always felt science to be one with philosophy, religion, art, and music, part of the oneness I feel with everything.