Making love vs having sex 101

Making Love Vs Having Sex – Yes, there actually is a significant difference between making love and having sex.

Making love vs having sex 101

Have you ever wondered if there is a difference between making love and having sex? ...

If you are like most people, you typically use the terms interchangeably and perhaps verge on expressing some discernment between the two as the difference between sex during a ‘one night stand’ as opposed to sex with someone you’re committed to in an ongoing sense. Perhaps making love is defined by whether you orgasm or not, whether he orgasms with you or not, whether you enjoyed it or not, or whether he sticks around long enough to hold you afterward... or not.

What if the difference is far deeper and far grander than this, reminding us of the truth about ‘love making’ as something that is all-encompassing of the relationship each individual has with themselves, in addition to the relationship they have with the person they share this physical intimacy with, and every aspect of the way they choose to live and express with each other?

Too big? Not if you don’t limit the potential each and every one of us has within to live and express in such joy and love, so that every single moment of interaction can in itself be considered ‘love making’ – from sharing breakfast, a conversation on the telephone, to a walk in the park.

The quality of our ‘love making’ in the bedroom begins long before we make it to the bed, or whatever location you choose.

It is the end result, the ‘cherry on top’ of a day lived in a loving way, not just with your intended intimate partner, but your feeling the result in your body of expressing love to all equally throughout your day. We already know this universal truth, as is evident in the example where there is a general consensus that sexual intercourse with a stranger is not love making, given we acknowledge there is no relationship built between the two people, no ‘knowing’ of the person beyond the physical. And thus it remains a physical act, effectively for relief or escape.

Love making is an altogether different experience and what you will discover here is that it is not solely the domain of the naked couple but can be experienced throughout the day, throughout all your relationships: as a result you may just discover that your experience of physical intimacy with another from this foundation of living love in your everyday will be far grander that any excitement or thrill that the stereotypical hard and fast, hot and dangerous sex encounter can offer.

Why settle for anything less than true love making? ...

"Making love is no different to how you live during the day, it confirms what you already live. Live lovingly, and you will make it with your one partner."

Serge Benhayon Esoteric Teachings and Revelations, p 695

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